The Treasures in You

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hola err'one!

This week has been pretty good. Nothing too too exciting. But I guess I should update you on all the highlights from the past two weeks.

But first...

Can I just say I have a hugeeee testimony of prayer? I keep learning something new about it the longer i'm out here. Like I said, last week I had a lot of one-on-one daddy-daughter time with Heavenly Father. One thing I've been doing a lot lately in my prayers is TELLING MYSELF TO SHUT UP. Hahaha. Like I'll go on and on explaining things (gotta hold myself accountable haha), and then i'm like "okay heavenly father, I'm shutting up now. What do you want me to do?" And it's so AMAZING cuz He speaks back. I LOVE IT. I dont remember if I shared this with you or not, but during my first day at the MTC, Bro Beheshti (one of my amazing teachers) said we were going to do a silent prayer. We were all going to get on our knees, he would offer a prayer of silence. So he said one or two lines every so often, but for the most part all we did was kneel and listen. What an amazing exercise that was! He told us to record our thoughts and feelings in our journal. Flashbacking to that memory...I just remember hearing "everything is going to be ok!" Man, that should just be the theme for the mission, no? That's all I ever here. And that's because it's so true.

Also, I am starting to gain a testimony of the power and authority of this calling. Sis Linton is a huge example to me of that. She promises people miracles will happen with no doubt. I really admire that about her. And it's something I've been working on. I dont have a problem promising things, but sometimes I get a little hesitant. For example we've been playing Book of Mormon Baseball with our investigators/less actives to help them realize that the BOM is there to answer all of life's questions. And i just let sister linton take lead on that activity. And it never fails! I just shake my head with impressivness because the scripture we land on ALWAYS answers their questions. Its so cool. We played it with this one less active, and afterwards I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and that we can receive personal revelation as we study it (hey, if trials give me an even more burning testimony of the BOM, then wooo!) Bro Donaldson said at our training, "you have apostolic authority". Ho yeah we do! And I better darn use it well!

AND, I wanted to share this poem with everyone last week but totally forgot to include it:
There are treasures in life, but owners are few
Of money and power to buy things brand new
Yet you can be wealthy and feel regal too,
If you will just look for the treasures in you.
These treasures in life are not hard to find
When you look in your heart, your soul, and your mind
For when you are willing to share what's within,
Your fervent search for riches will end.
The joy and the laughter, the smile that you bring;
The heart unafraid to love and to sing;
The hand always willing to help those in need;
Ones quick to reach out, to labor and feed.
So thank you for sharing these great gifts inside;
The caring, the cheering, the hug when one cried.
Thanks for the energy, encouragement too
And thank you for sharing the treasures in you.

And so I say thank you to anyone and everyone who has been in my life. Thanks for sharing your gifts inside :) I can honestly say that I've learned AT LEAST one thing from everyone I've ever met. And that's the reason why I'm me. So thank you. 

NOOOW onto other updates. Birthday first!
So my birthday was pretty good! Sis Jamboretz took Sis Linton and I to St Louis :D We went to the office to pick up my bday package/letters and then went out for lunch. Then we went up the Arch! Haha the pod was so small. But hey, cramped, awkward spaces are an excuse to have street lessons with people...bahaha win! We got up there and it was already dark out. Good thing it was because the lights down below were SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. We got back to Glen Carbon, did some work, and then went to Sis Jamboretz house for a birthday dinner :) Photos shall be added. BUT, here are a few thank yous:

Mom, dad, and Arielle: Thanks for the birthday package! I appreciated everything inside SO MUCH, you don't even know! XD haha. And I have shared my Timmy's hot chocolate with my fellow Canadians. And i shared the ding dong with Elder Abad. Hahaha he got so excited.

Laura, Holly, Sara; YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. I loooooved the audio recording you sent me. You guys are SO WEIRD and i am SO PROUD to call you my best friends :') Answers to some of your questions: Ella? A whooole lot of Detox tea and chocolate laxatives...that's all im gonna say about that ;) My companion...she told me to tell you she is a "proper" person and a mexican. BAHAH kidding. She's so the opposite lololol. Like you know how Sara laughs when i say "stop, i'm such a lady" because sometimes she knows how untrue that can be. Well my companion is like me in that way but x5 :P. Holly, I love how everything was in Espanol. I am so ridiculously proud of you! I'm so excited for you to get to the MTC and field!!! You are gonna rock it! Also, Nick...thank you for laughing. Hahaha. I miss your laugh and how much joy it brings me. I am SO excited that you're gonna be my brother in law (not that you haven't been a bro to me the past couple years, CUZ YOU HAVE!). Gah, thanks for making me feel special guys. I got a little bit embarrassed when you were talking about me to my companion on the tape. I'm pretty sure my face turned red XD 

Autumn and Sis Brooks: Thank you for the sweet, sweet birthday card and letters :) 

Milloras, Dapats, Catedrals, and Ate Des: Thanks for the birthday letter bunch!!! Haha that made me way happy :D 

Tita Mary Jane & Seth: Thank you for the birthday card and gift :) That helped out a lot :)

Stan the man: Thanks for making me a pair of mittens...that matches the hat you made me too! My comp is getting a hoot out of them too :P

Lola & Grandma: Thanks for your birthday presents :) I really needed that hehe

Sis Jamboretz: Thanks for everything you do for us missionaries. I had fun spending the day with you :) And i know the heels were just a joke, but thanks for letting me have them anyway ;) and for the giftcard to your boutique! I sure do love your shop! :D

Kim and Michaela Clements: Thanks for making me feel like a Princess ;) hahaha

To my old companions: Sis Scott (my love bug) thanks for email chatting with me; Sis Ash (hey momma heyyyyy) thanks for shooting me a line aha; and Sis Fernandez (that's my baby girl!) thanks for the sweet letter. Man, I am sure darn lucky to have had such amazing companions :)


* Willow St sure is a blessed one. That was the 1st street Sis Linton and I went tracting on. For some reason it popped out to both of us on the GPS. We were rejected all on one side of the street, but got to talk to so many on the other side of it. 2 potentials. Well when we went back there last week to contact our potentials, we ended up talking to a man we had tracted into before. He was putting up his Christmas decorations outside and started talking to us and telling us about his daughter and how she needs good religion. He says "i dont know why i'm telling you all this but..." Ahaha i love it. 

* We passed out over 1000 pass-a-long cards at the Christmas Parade in East St. Louis!

* We played BOM Baseball with our investigators Eli and John Duque. They are both in highschool and can both be a little stubborn sometimes. But this week I was like "ooookay, i'm just gonna give it to you strait..." We talked to them about baptism and what stopped them from doing so with previous missionaries. Aha! They are praying about a baptism date now :)

* Sis Linton and I went on splits with members this week. This was my first time ever doing it here (aha i've done it a few times in Toronto) and i was superrrr nervous cuz this time I was the missionary lol. Sis Clements and I went to see Violet Salas....AND NOW SHE HAS A BAPTISM DATE!! I tried so hard to get her to pick a date in December, but she's sticking with Feb 15. But hey, at least it's not in June like she had originally wanted. Woo!

* Like I said last week, I had to do a training at Zone Training Meeting. Aha, so they got a bunch of missionaries to do trainings on the Fundamentals. I was in charge of "The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion". I get up there and we read a few scriptures and then I ask for a volunteer. HAHA everyone in my district plus the zone leaders all started shaking their heads cuz they knew what was coming. Elder Stewart and Elder Milne were the only ones who put up their hands, bless their hearts. They sit down and I pull out lipstick and a blindfold. I blindfolded Elder Stewart and gave him the lipstick to put on Elder Miline. ROFL. Too funny. Later on Sis Linton came up to guide Elder Stewarts hand to where it was supposed to be. The point of that was we can try and try, but it's only though the Spirit that we'll be able to know exactly what to do with our investigators. I related it to Ratitouille we feel so inadequate/qualified to teach, but the Spirit is able to help us. my district leader was just shouted, "i love sister limas' trainings". AHAAA WIN!

* So I have two Canadians in my zone: Elder Rauche and Elder Rasmussen. And I hang around them a lot talking about Canadian things and just keeping the Canadian pride. BUT THEY HAVE SO MUCH BROMANCE bahaha. Elder Deirjt comes up to me and he's like "are all Canadian boys like that?" And at first i was gonna be like "pfffft of course not", but i paused and flashbacked to the stick figure drawing Sara and Autumn made on Draw It of Stan and Nick...and all the hearts. Bahahaha. I'm like "errr...yeah, pretty much". 

* So this week we had dinner at the Holbrooks with the STLs and the Colemans. We came late cuz we had an appointment. Haha a little fact about my companion...she gets a little uncomfortable around the STLs. I like them, but she gets super awkward around them. And so when all of us are together I start to get awkward cuz i dont know who to be between the two haha. Anyway, to escape the awkwardness we said we'd leave shortly after the Colemans arrive and try to see Manuel (even though he already told us he didnt think he could meet with us that night). Well, I got super comfortable with the Colemans...I just had so much in common with their kids. And so we didn't leave as early as we intended. And at first i was thinking ok we dont HAVE to go see Manuel. But then Sis Linton and I looked at each other right before 7 30 and we're like "we should probably go". can I say: GOOOOOD TIMING! We drove out to Collinsville and found Manuel walking on the streets just about to go into someone else's house. We rolled down the window and he's like "who's that?!". we say the missionaries, and he's like "oh hey boo!" BAHAHA he's african american and that's what he calls me ROFL. We had a lesson right there in the street. He stood outside in the cold and started pouring out his concerns to us. He started crying! But we told him to read the Book of Mormon and promised it would help him know what to do if he prayed about it. Later on he said, "you know, even though I was standing out in the cold, I feel all warm inside". :') aw yay!

* We had our Relief Society christmas party this week and Bro and sis bennion came as guest speakers. They speak at EFY and stuff. IT WAS SOOO GOOD. Brings back good youth leadership conference memories. Anywho, I went to speak to him afterwards and BAHAHA he reminds me of Bro Goldthorp!!! Its like a little slice of home. So I look at Bro Goldthorp as this huge spiritual giant cuz he's just SO GOOD at giving lessons. His institute classes are awesome! But he also likes to joke around. So one time at York Insitute i'm like totally zoned out before class and he says something to tease me and then pushes me. I just busted out giggling cuz i was totally not expecting that to happen. And that's exactly what bro bennion did bahaha. there he was talking about teh Saviour and it was so spiritual, and then when I went to talk to him he starts saying "hey man this and that" and nudging my arm. Haha. I just found it way funny.

* We've been going to the hospital a lot lately cuz one of our recent convert's mom was in ICU. Well, James (our recent convert) was talking to one of the nurse's about how nice Mormons are AND SHE REQUESTED A BOOK OF MORMON. So we dropped it off and she said she's read it during lunch break and call us :D Also, sis linton and i crochet a lot so when i see people doing it, it catches my eye and gives me a reason to talk to them. Well, the receptionist was crocheting a teapot holder and so we started talking (she is SUPER nice). Then she's like "those are really cute mittens" (the ones that Stan made me) and she asked for the pattern and then asked us to come stop by. WIIIIIN. Oh yes, we are going to teach the gospel and relate it to crocheting! I did it before with cross-stitching at a potentials. It can be done again :D

* I hit 7 months yesterday. Thus far being out I have gotten the reputation of: Lima Bean, Oh Canada (what people say to me when I have a blonde moment), Smiley, rapping the 1st discussion, my mouse sneezes, sneezing in threes, my "eeeks", my trainings, that I'm THE Filipino Canadian, and my fear of birds. I have left quite the impression, no? LOL

Anywho, hope you all have a great week!
Love you loads!

Mucho lovinnnn from Sister Limas :)

 Me and Sis Sabee before Zone pday...ugly sweater contest...expect, i really liked my sweater :P

  So the Sisters before us left these moustaches in our apartment...

and of course me and my comp gotta have fun with them :)

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