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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First of all, I really hope this email doesn't scare anybody. But there is urgency in my heart right now that I've been pondering about all week, and our new tri-companionship has preeeetty much discussed it and now I know it's not just me. So please bare with me cuz I don't exactly know where to start with this. 

I guess I'll start with what happened on Sunday. In Relief Society they announced that the Relief Society broadcast this conference wasn't just going to be for RS women, but for all ladies 8 years old and older. The moment that was said I was just writing down all the emotions that were coming to me at that point. I wrote,

"It's amazing how so much of the curriculum is changing. They need these generations to be ready and strong for what's coming. At age 8, they are being expected to know what the prophet has to say to all the women of the church! They are calling EVERYONE who is old enough to be held accountable to be a part of this work! They are REALLY trying to strengthen and prepare this army. ITS CRAZY! Are we all prepared for what's coming?!"

I discussed this with my companions this morning and let's just say I'm not the only missionary who is feeling the urgency. We all know something big is coming. I don't know what's going to happen, but all I know is that I keep asking myself if I'm ready enough, if I'm capable enough, if I'm strong enough--strong enough for what's about to happen. There have been a few times during my mission where I've felt that something huge is going to happen so soon. So huge I don't even know if I'll make it back home. (please don't let that freak you out. it's just that much of an urgent feeling).

Let me share one of my favourite quotes from Gordon B. Hinckley which has pretty much shaped my mission life, even before I came out here. And the more that I experience things out here, the more I see the Lord's hand in everything that has happened in my life pre-mission and during my mission, and how that's going to effect my life post-mission.

When I finally decided that I was going to serve a mission for sure (cuz let's be honest, that decision was a roller coaster one since I was 14...), it was just after YLC 2010. I had gone through some things that year and bearing testimony of repentance and the Atonement was something I found I enjoyed doing during that conference. And so when I got back home, "mission" just kept popping into my head. I went on splits with Hermana Martinez the next day before church and I was telling her how I thought I was pretty sure I wanted to serve a mission. Then she recited this quote my President Hinckley: "Today many sisters are being called to serve, many more are preparing to serve, not because they aren't married or don't have anything else to do, but they have the desire to serve." After that I was like DONE! I am going on a mission for sure now. 

I can't even begin to explain the gazillion of things that happened in my life between when I heard that part of the quote and when I heard the 2nd part of it. For real. I just attempted to type it all out and JUST deleted it because there is just waaaaay too much information about my personal life. Really relative information to what I'm about to say, and it would make this story make a lot more sense cuz you'll see the connections I saw, BUT its just too much of my personal life. I wish I could, but I can't. Too many stories. Too much time. Just ask me about it some other time haha.

I was in my first 4 weeks of being in Paris that I heard the 2nd half of that quote. And when I did my heart was just brimming with joy because everything just began to make SO MUCH MORE SENSE. The 2nd half of the quote says,

"Reason: The Lord wants more sisters to serve because within the next generation He will be sending His Priesthood Army to the earth. he wants to send these choice spirits to mothers who are prepared and who have been properly trained and taught the gospel. What better schooling can a mother have than the experience and growth she has gained through serving a mission."

Do you know how much this rings more and more true to me the longer that I'm out here? I'm not exaggerating when I say something HUGE is happening soon. The second coming IS just around the corner. We are at freaking war right now. There are unseen spirits that are trying SO hard to beat us. Feeling like things are hard lately? Yeah, it's because Satan wants your downfall. He wants you to fall so hard. But we all need to stand strong. And Heavenly Father can't have us just focusing on keeping ourselves strong. We need to be helping His other children too. But the strength continues to come when we help His children come to know their Saviour and know Heavenly Father's plan. There is so much more to this picture than we think there is. And I can't even explain how much I have been seeing the Lord's hand shape my life. In my upbringing, with the whole decision process to serve, with all the steps of faith He has begged me to was all for something. They aren't just things that have happened in my life. Instead they are actual events that the Lord has so intricately woven in my life. He has carefully chosen and saw them fit to happen to me so that I could be brought to the point where I'm at right now. It's insane. And if you all just look at your life and do a a self evaluating recap of it, I promise He has done the same for you. Guys, I have the sacred duty of being a mother to Heavenly Father's Priesthood Army. I am literally going to be one of the mother's of the Army of Helaman. This is insanity. And it's not just me. It's this whole generation. And therefore I keep asking myself: ARE WE ALL READY? ARE WE ALL DOING ENOUGH?

There have been multiple times where Heavenly Father has said "Prove it to me, Sister Limas. Prove it. What makes you think that in the future you'll know how to do this with your future family if you don't decide to learn to do it now? PROVE ME." And so I'm always like ok ok ok, I'll do it. No matter how awkward or weird or uncomfortable the idea is. But now I'm realizing there's a reason why Heavenly Father's making a point that I be learning it for my future family. And it's because I need to be prepared for them. 

I don't exactly know where to continue on with talking about this, so I'm really sorry if I have to leave you on a cliffhanger. Just know that we need to be prepared. Just know that we need to be sharing the gospel. It's your job to plant the seeds. It our job as missionaries to harvest. We need all the help we can get. The Lord HAS made the call. The Lord has COMMANDED at the last conference that members and missionaries need to be working together in strength than ever before. We need to constantly be strengthening ourselves and those around us. Don't think it's okay to stop and take a break because you're at an "Oh, I'm good" state. There is so much to do. I don't even know how much more pleading I can put into this email. Everyone, just please please please be ready.

SO, enough of that. I hope I'm not scaring anyone. I just want to know if y'all feel the urgency as much as I do? Because I've been feeling it for a while and haven't really said anything to anyone about it. But we've just been put into a tri-companionship and we've been having super in depth conversations and now I'm realizing it's not just me. It's never just me. Heavenly Father is letting us all know. 

Speaking of the tri-companionship!! So the Fredricktown sisters in our district, Sister Sudweeks and Sister Larimer, have been with us pretty much the whole weekend. Sister Larimer is a visa-waiter and she finally got her visa to Brazil. But that leaves Sis Sudweeks without a companion. So they spent the weekend with us so they didnt have to keep driving back and forth for weekly planning and church. And now that Sister Larimer is gone, it's just the 3 of us. And we're all going to be working Farmington and Fredricktown. That's a whoooole lot of area. The furthest north our area goes is 45 mins away from where we live. Between Farmington and Fredricktown there is 30 mins. And the furthest down south Fredricktown's area goes is 30 mins. WOWEE. It's going to be so fun though. God puts us together for a reason.

Tender Mercies & Funnies:

* We found SEVEN new investigators this week. WOOOO!!!

* We went on exchanges and that was probably been the best exchange I've been on. Sis Sabey was my companion, and I know her first as my mission sibling and friend, and second as a sister training tracting was just way fun. I didn't feel like I was being judged on my missionary work at all.

* During exchanges Sis Johnson and Sis Sabey were just saying how happy they were to see me so happy and see how much I've changed over the last 3 months. Sis Johnson asked what happened that made the difference. All I could say was, "The Atonement works wonders". And it does. It truly does.

* So my reputation of rapping the first discussion has just gone everywhere -_-" After the last workshop at Zone Conference, a bunch of Elders I didn't really know go, "So Sister Limas are you going to rap for us?" Oh goodness. Elder Stewart and I had already planned to record ourselves again after conference, but I was like shaking my head that this many people in the mission have heard about me rapping. Cuz I can't rap to save my life hahaha

* Apparently I show a ton of Canadian pride. Random missionaries will come up to me and be like "sister limas I heard you were canadian. I am too." LOLOL. So that happened right after Zone Conference. Elder Merrill comes up to me and asks that. And for SOME REASON a whole bunch of missionaries join in the conversation. Not to talk. They just stand there and watch me. And i'm like o_O what?!?! I think people just think Canada is so foreign and interesting ahahaa. Anyway, Elder Merrill asks me how long I've been out and I say "9 months" and Elder Stewart goes "NO. Has it been that long already?!" I'm like "i knooow! I can't even deal!" And he's like "man, they grow up so fast!" Elder Stewart was my 1st district leader out here, and Sis Ash said the exact same thing to me last week during Zone Leader Training. Man. I feel old. I can't imagine how much more mission old they feel.

* We were in the mission office yesterday to drop sis larimer off. We got to see the photos of the new missionaries coming in next transfer. One was a Sister Gali (sp?) and her middle name was Calica!!!! I asked if she was Filipino and the office sister pulled out her file and said yes! SAY WHAAAT! She's from Los Angeles, California. Ask the Calicas if they have any family there! So now there's going to be an American Filipino (sis gali), a Canadian Filipino (me), and a Filipino Filipino (Elder Abad). Ahaaha. President Morgan laughed at me so hard when he saw me put that together and excitedly jump with excitement. 

* We did a church tour for one of our investigators. Man, the Spirit was SO STRONG. That was my first time doing that. All that went through my head was what Bro Donaldson had said to us at his training: "you know what the problem with us Mormons are?! We're too used to it. Too used to the Spirit". And it's so true. We are so used to church, to the spirit, to reading scriptures...that sometimes we forget about the basics and the WHY. But watching Felicia Twomey go around the church and seeing the difference it was for her from other churches just amazed me. And I had the privilege to bear testimony of the YW's theme, the Sacrament, and the gathering of the Saints. It was awesome. 

* Sis Clements and Sis Jamboretz from my last area came to Farmington to bring me my bike. They took us out to lunch. It was sooo fun and so good to see them again!

* HEART ATTACKS! Oh i love acting like a spy ahaha. Valentine's Day Heart attacks were a success. My favourite part was just seeing the smile on people's faces when I saw them at the Ward Valentine's Party and they told us they saw our gifts. I love making people happy :)

Those are my highlights for this week. 
The mission is awesome. And I'm hungry. It's lunch time and I still need to check the rest of my emails lololol. 

I love you all bunches. Never forget that. 
I hope you have a fantabulous week!
Just remember to reflect.
Sister Limas :)

So Sister Sudweeks just told me that her mom said that Elder Millora is serving in her ward back home!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! She said that his face lit up when she told him that Sister Sudweeks and I were going to be serving together and that he just keeps asking about me. BAH! That just made my day. The world is soooooo small! I pretty much squealed in my chair cuz Jared is one of my closest friends. We've worked pretty much every job together and he's my bro. I'm just so happy he's doing well :') AND, I got a letter from Stefanie Chen this week. Her and Jared are serving in the same district. OH MY GOODNESS, i just love 'em both!

Sis Sabey, Sis Ash, and I after Zone Conference
Sis Rouse and I. Preeeetty much describes our relationship.

Our tri-companionship at the zoo!

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