Monday, February 3, 2014

Ok so I only have an hour on this computer at the Farmington library...blaaaah. So I will try to squeeze everything in. In report form hahaha.

Between Sunday and Tuesday I don't even know where the hours went. It was just running from one appointment to another. We were in a tri from Monday afternoon till Wednesday morning cuz Sis Corder's companion went home. Poor girl got sucked into our crazy schedule.

a. East St Louis District.
Oh man, I can't even explain how much I'm going to miss them. Like, hanging out with the district every Monday has done so much good to keep me sane hahaha. Sister Linton and I went shopping with Elder Smith and Elder Oskins before we met up with Elders Wadsworth and Dingman to play basketball. Oh man, I am just going to miss those two. I mean, what other district leader is going to ask me for my fashion advice when choosing shoes? BAHAHA. And they put in a group effort to buy my a moustache ring :3 tehehehehe. Hey, I was obsessed with moustaches even before they became popular, kaaaay? They pitched in to make a whopping $2 bahaha we are just all so broke at the end of the month.

b. Glen Carbon Ward.
It's so heartbreaking to leave. I knew it was time to go, but I always forget how hard it is when you start saying goodbyes. To the Bennions, Holbrooks, Clements, James Cathey, Jamboretz, Meadows, Hawks, Wallace's, Ginger, Sis Spencer, Sis Moss, Shirley....thanks for being my fam for the last 3 months. GAH. It was so hard to say goodbye to Sophie Bennion and Abbie Hawk. Those two little girls have just stolen my heart! Right before we were leaving the Hawk home, Abbie's voice started quivering and she burst into tears. ahhhhhhhhh. I can't even deal with tears! Especially from little children. Seriously, just rip my heart out!

c. Things I learned from the area/2 transfers/Sis Linton.
- Patience. Oh yes, I've learned a ton of that. But you already know this from my past emails home haha.
- The Atonement. I shall give details about this at the end of my email.
- "Don't go out of your way to serve, but serve as you go". Sis Linton was definitely a pure example of that.
- Exact obedience brings MIRACLES. Ha, never has that statement ever been so trueeee. Last words I say to Sis Linton: "If ye shall keep my commandments, ye shall prosper". Mhmmm. That scripture has most definitely come to life.

I just looooooooooove transfer meeting. I walk into the gym and the first sister I run up to is Sis Felt. Oh man, it was like reuniting with a best friend...except Sis Felt and I have NEVER served together hahaha. She replaced me in Paris, so she has heard tons and tons about me, and she served with Sister Linton in the MTC, so I know quite a bit about her as well. She was just updating me on a whole bunch of things and then said "Sister Fernandez is in the new trainer's meeting right now". EEEEEEEEEEK!!!! I could not contain my excitement! MY BABY GIRL IS TRAINING!!!! WHICH MEANS IM GONNA BE A GRAND-MOMMA!!!!! Ahhhhhh. I am so stinking proud of her! Sis Felt also told me Sister Fernandez had to "finish-train" another sister the past transfer, Sister Chatterson. She's Canadian. I went up to her and i'm like ahhh you be my grand-baby too!! Hahaha. So in one of my first letters home I had said that being around the other missionaries just made me supppperrr awkward when I first got out here. But I can't even describe how much I love it now. I can't even tell you how happy my heart was when I saw Sis Bierman, Sis Trop, Sis Sabey, Sis Sheppard, Sis Scott, and Sis Fernandez. Like, I was super excited to see some of the Elders that were in my district before too, but the bond you create with these sisters...gah, I just love them all. To think I wouldn't have met any of these people if I didn't decide to go on a mission. Oh goodness. My life is seriously so blessed because I have learned so much from each of them.

So during transfer meeting I sat beside Sister Fernandez and guessed with the Spirit who her new baby girl might be. AHAAAAA, we got it right :) Sister Gunter!!! Oh my, the moment Sis Gunter called out Sis Fernandez's name, we both squealed and were bouncing in our seat. Bahaha like mother, like daughter. Sis Christensen came up to me afterwards and says, "so you trained Sis Fernandez? You did such a good job!" I'm like "OH NAY NAY, she came pre-trained." Gah, I am so unbelieveably proud of her!!!! Speaking of "nay nay"...I got it from Laura. But I started saying it out here and Elder Stewart, Sis Fernandez, AND Sis Felt are all saying it now bahahaha. Oh goodness. Laura, your legacy lives on :P

Sooooo, I also just love my Canadians. It's so super weird to think I'll be seeing Elder Smith and Elder Rassmussen at home bahaha like SUPER awkward and weird. But it's kinda nice to be able to joke around about home with them considering Canadians are scarce out here. LOL. I hate packing just because I have waaaay too much stuff. I just told Elder Smith that when he comes to visit the mission, he's just gonna have to take some of my stuff and bring it back to Toronto with him ahaa. And Elder Rassmussen...oh goodness, him and his bromancing. I just keep telling him I'll go with his parents to come pick him up when he comes home to Toronto. Hooray for mission friends!

Lets back track a bit. When I found out that I would be joining Sis Rouse in Farmington, I will admit I was kinda lost. This would be the first time I get into an area where my companion had already been serving there. WELL, I get to transfer meeting and I'm talking to the Elders that were white-washing us out of Glen Carbon--Elder Austin (my MTC district leader trained him so I have to like him) and Elder Besendorfer (super super nice)--and Elder Besendorfer says to me, "oh you're whitewashing into Farmington?" And i'm like no, I wasn't told we were whitewashing. And he's like "i'm pretty sure you are cuz I served there. It's an Elder's area". So I go up to Sis Batchelor and ask if Sis Rouse and I were whitewashing in. And we were. OH LIFE MAKES SO MUCH SENSE AGAIN!!!!!! Ahaha. As stressful as white-washing is, that's all I really know how to do. I was so relieved!

So we white washed Elders out. Oh man. Elder Campbell says, "we scrubbed the floors as best we could". Oh Elders. Their version of clean and our version of clean are on two different levels haha. The apartment smelled like boy. And not the whole "mmm mmm mmm-totally-get-high-off-AXE-spray" boy smell. It was "walk-into-a-gym-of-boys-playing-sports-and-hit-a-wall-of-musty-sweat" type smell. Ahaa oh dear. But Sis Rouse and I have worked our magic and totally "SISTER-FIED" the apartment :) Our ward mission leader, Bro Bassett, is awesome! I've never had a WML set appointments for us before cuz in my other areas we've done it independently. So there is much to get used to, but I am super grateful for his help. Sis Bassett is so awesome. She's a photographer!! And so creative! And her and bro bassett are just the cutest couple ever! And their kids are adorbs!!! Sister Rouse and I are literally working from the ground up. The Elders before totally cleaned out the potentials and formers list, so we've basically got nothing. TOTES GOING TO BE AN ADVENTURE!

Now let me tell you about my lovely companion, Sister Rouse. She is from Boise, Idaho!!!! (totally thought of Holly hahaha). We had like a 7 hour comp inventory the first day. It was much needed though. She told me how she was sitting in the room crying and then the spirit told her to talk to her companion. GAH. Those 7 hrs, we really got to know each other. I just love her to bits and pieces. And the past few days have been such an adventure with her!!!! OH MANNNN. SHE MAKES WEIRD, AWKWARD NOISES AT THE MOT RANDOM me! I just about died. It is such a hoot! And her voice goes super high and she dances on the spot just like I do when she gets excited. Bahahaha. Oh man, I just love her. She can pretty much pick up any instrument and jam on it which is WAY cool. And she's a writer and didn't even know it! We practice on the type writer we have in the apartment :) Aaaand she's a photographer as well. Seriously? This is the best companionship ever! After planning at night she'll be like "sister liiiiimas let's work out!" bahaha so we'll work out and laugh our butts off at the most random things. Whenever I say something funny she'll be like "oh sister Limas you make my heart smile" and whenever she says something funny I'll be like "oh sister rouse I enjoy youuu". We also found out that this stake is the only one that isn't doing the 20 lessons program. Errrr we have to tract for 10 hrs a week? WEIRD. But she says "yeahhh forward with faith!" haha so stoked!

So going back to my point on the Atonement. Sis Rouse says to me, "I heard that your second area is when you really come to know Christ" (Farmington is her 2nd area. she's been out for almost 5 months).

...And I have so much more to say but this coputer is about to log me out. GAH NOOOOO.

but let me just say I love you all and you'll hear from me next week!
Score! I got another another library -_-" ahaha so going back to what I said...
I thought about it. Then testified to it. I told her that the last two transfers have been super hard for me, but I have gained such a conviction of my Saviour and the Atonement. Sunday morning I realized "oh man, it's February." If you know me well enough then you know I have a super crazy memory. Which is a blessing. BUT, it can also be a curse ahaa. Fun fact: my body/emotions go through these "year rounds", where I start to feel things I felt 1 year ago. ITS SO WEIRD. Anyway, I realized it was February and i'm like "oh great". But as I was reflecting and praying, all I could think was "I'M A MISSIONARY!" and the biggest smile just went on my face. I am a missionary. I am serving the Lord right now. I am SO lucky to be a part of this great work! The same thing happened this morning while I was doing exercises. I'm like "oh man, let the emotions start...", but then I flashbacked to when i first got out to Paris and where I was at emotionally then and where I'm at now. Holy moly, I didn't think I've changed that much, but in so many ways I have. I just got the most peaceful feeling and I couldn't help but smile as I was doing my workout. Like, I don't think I've ever been so happy in my life. My heart is just smiling so huge right now. And so again, I testify of the Atonement and everything that our Saviour has done for us; done for me. I don't even know how to express my gratitude right now. Sis Rouse asked me this morning, "so with all that you left behind, and all that you went through, how has your decision to serve blessed your life?" I just listed and listed...and the list could go on. Sis Morgan is always telling us how she's the luckiest woman in the world because she gets to serve us. But I'm going to steal her words right now and say I feel like the luckiest woman in the world because I get to be here and be a part of something so wonderful. (Baha, did i just call myself a woman? bahaha that's new.)

Other than "Neglect not the gift that is in thee", my other favourite mission scripture is in D&C 123:17
"let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for His to be revealed".
I find the longer I'm out here, the more and more this scripture comes to life for me. Because sometimes that's all I can really do. I can only work on what I have control or stewardship over. So everything else? It's out of my power. BUT, when we work as hard as we can, the Lord lets the miracles come. Both miracles that are unraveled before my eyes and the miracles working within me that are changing me. That's what I've come to learn what hope is. You do the best you can with whatever you have control over. Everything else will just fall into place the way the Lord will have it be done. And you know that whatever way it's done is what will make you the most happy, because you've done it the way the Lord wants you to. And i've seen that time and time again, and I know it'll continue to happen.

"If it is true, then we are sitting on a spiritual goldmine. We better do something about it". --Bro Montey Blum, Feb 2014
That's what Bro Blum bore testimony of yesterday at church. And I atest to that! THE GOSPEL IS SO TRUE. Share it with somebody. Help the missionaries out. We have something so special that needs to be shared. You'll find a way to do it your style. Just do it. There's a reason the work is hastening. I don't know about you, but that just tells me something big is coming. Are we all prepared for it? Neglect not the gift that is in thee :)

To end I just want to share the verse and chorus of one of my favourite sister missionary songs!!! :)

I am a daughter full of faith
I have been nurtured by God's grace
Joining the throng of valiant youth
I heed the Lord's clear call to share His truth
My generation has been raised
Ready to serve in latter days
Now we go forth in strength and might
Endowed with power from on high
His work is hastening day by day
And I stand ready to obey
I am prepared to do my part
Ready to serve with all my heart
There are blessings I would miss
If I did not share this sacred gift
For I have been prepared to serve
For such a time as this

Gah. Being a missionary is so awesome. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE IIIIIIT.
I wish I could send home photos of me aned my beautiful companion and the wonderful decorating we have done to the apartment. but this 2nd library we went to doesn't allow us to plug things in -____-" Sis Rouse and I are just going to venture to find a place that allows us to be on the computers for more than an hour. This is ridiculous. We are so not library hopping every monday lolololol.

PS, last Monday...I drove a car :3 tehehe. We were waiting for the Elders to come to the church so Sis Linton made me practice. PERFECT PARKING! Aww yahh. Ahahaha. Anyway...

Have a wonderful week :)
Sister Limas

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