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Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey all!
I dont have too much to report on. It's been another slow week. Snow day + being sick + new tends to pile up. But despite the slowness...I am just SOOOO in love with Farmington already!!

Here are some highlights / tender mercies / funnies of the week :)

1. Last Saturday we tried to contact a bunch of less-active families with primary kids so we could invite them to the primary party. We were on Fox St trying to contact the Sidebottom's, but no one was home. So we tracted the near by houses. The 1st house we knock on, this lady opens the door and she's like, "oh hey. can you come back Monday? I love having missionaries over" LOL we didn't even say anything yet aha. Turns out this lady, debbie, was meeting with JW missionaries and wanted to learn from us to. Now get this. We go back on Monday and Debbie isn't home. So we try the Sidebottom's again. Paula Sidebottom lets us in right away and she was just super friendly. She said that she wants to start coming back to church, and she's trying to do what's right (she's getting married to her BF who lives with her). GAH! So awesome! We told he we were tracting around her neighbourhood and she says, "you should go see the Henroses who live across the street! They want to learn more about Mormonism. If you want, we can have the discussions here cuz I'd love to learn again too". SAY WHAAAT? Man, I was just like WAY TO BEEEEE.

2. Sis Rouse and I continued our search for LA primary kids...on the coldest day ever! But i know from experience....working in cold weather brings blessings :) We got to talk to so many people in the process! I feel like it's been forever since I've street contacted someone. My last few week in Glen Carbon have been so hectic. We just jumped into the car and dashed from one place to another with no extra time on the sidewalk. So it was super refreshing being able to talk to people. We got a few potentials in the process, and set up appointments with them for this next week. SCORE! 

3. We had dinner with the Bassett's (ward mission leader) on Tuesday. THEY ARE SO AMAZING. They did this really cool surprise for us for dinner. I would tell you BUT they told me I have to do it when I get I'd be ruining the surprise ;) ahaha. Their kids are so darn cute. Kyree (8), Kalene (5), and Khloe (3) put on a performance for us. They were just singing and dancing to Frozen. SO DARN CUTE! I just love them so much. Bro Bassett is so on top of things with trying to help us out with our missionary efforts. We've been getting so many referrals from members because of the appointments he's been setting up for us. And Sis Bassett...she wanted to serve a mission but she got married (way cute story). Anyway, she is awesome and taking the opportunity of having sisters in the ward to do missionary work. So she's been taking us everywhere to meet people! Not to mention, they have the SICKEST and BIGGEST truck I've ever seen. We just feel so cool cruising around Farmington in it ahaha.

4. We had dinner with the Gratton's on Wednesday. Oh man, they are so fun. Bro Gratton is hilarious. I pretty much told him my quotebook would be filled with stuff he said ahaha. Sis Gratton is the YW's president and she said she wanted to do this sister missionary activity with the girls, but couldn't because they had Elders. But now that we're here, she can continue on with the activity! YAY! I love Young Women's! Their daughter Caroline isn't a member, but she is just so fun to talk to. She sits in on the discussions and totally helps us out with trying to contact their less-active family members. She's a year older than me and is a photographer like Sis Rouse and I. She also works at a coffee shop, so I like talking to her about coffee, CUZ I CAN. Bahaha. 

5. We had our Zone Leader Training on Thursday. A ton of stuff happened, so let me just list em out for ya.

*  We got there early cuz we needed to practice a musical number. So we're singing and all of a sudden I hear "BABYGIIIIRL!". Baha! I turn around and Sister Ash is standing there with her arms wide open. hahahah oh i love my momma ash! And she's companions with Sister Trop! gah, i just love them both. 

* Every month at Zone Leader Training, we've gotten a new rule. And the hardest one just came out: WE CAN ONLY LISTEN TO MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR AND GENERAL CONFERENCE TALKS ON PROS DAYS. That was a hugeeeeee stab in the heart. MoTab is probably my least favourite form of LDS music (no offence), therefore I have NONE with right now. Oh, the silence is soooooo hard. So anybody, if you have really good MoTab music or GC talks you wanna send me, i will love you forever! Also, there's no more Disney music for pdays either :( We can only listen to music. Which isn't so bad cuz I love the songs on anyway. WHEWWW. We were basically just promised that this will help us reach our goal of 521 baptisms at the end of the year. Our mission is pretty musically talented, and loves the music freedom Pres Clark had originally given us, so this rule has pretty much taken a toll on people. BUT Sis Rouse and I have decided not to think negatively about it. We've pretty much been singing to make up for the music that no longer exists in our apartment and car. So hard! But "if ye keep my commandments, ye shall prosper". I think that's motivation enough.

* Soooo there's an Elder Weight in my mission who has been writing one of my friends (i'm not going to say who ;))...and I met him for the first time! We are in the same zone! I go up to him and I'm like "So how's writing so-and-so, Elder Weight?" and he's like "YOU'RE SISTER LIMAS?!" I'm like, "dude we just did a musical number together. I am the ONLY sister limas in this mission!" Bahahahaha. He said he was trying to hard to never meet me BAHAHAHA. Oh but he is so funny. 

* One of the trainings was about prayer. All of a sudden Sis Ash says, "something Sis Limas taught me was daily repentance. So our prayers shouldn't sound repetitive if you're sincerely repenting daily". After the meeting I just wove my whitehandbook at her (she gave the WHB thought on music and we have matching covers haha). So she says, "I totally thought of you when I was giving the WHB thought. You were the one who did the WHB thought at transfer meeting about music being the testimony of the artists?" I'm like WHY THE POOP DO PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT?? That was 3 transfers ago!!! Ahaha. She's like "cuz you WOULD say something like that". Then I said I couldn't believe she remembered my thought about daily repentance. Then she says, "of course I remember! Baby girl you changed my life!". And i'm standing there whimpering and saying "that's what you wrote in my tag journal but i thought you were just saying it! i didn't know you meant it!" bahahaha. Oh man. I love her. She was hard on me at times, but she really is the best trainer ever!!

6. We met with Sis Toombes this week. She has two sons on a mission right now and her husband works in New York. She served a mission in North Carolina. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. She is so sweet and so loving. And she makes everything home-made. SO COOL. Anyway, Sis Rouse and I had planned on doing the "Alma 50" lesson with her, and I was supposed to lead out. The Alma 50 lesson is something Sister Rouse JUST taught me, so I was a little nervous about doing it. But as we were talking to Sister Toombes I kept feeling like I should show her the "look not behind thee" video. And I kept pushing it out of my head. I thought maybe that was just my nerves getting to me and scaring me out of doing Alma 50. YOU'D THINK I'D KNOW BY NOW THAT WHEN THE SPIRIT TELLS YOU TO DO SOMETHING, THEN YOU JUST DO IT. Ahahaha. She finally said something about the atonement and im like that's it...., "hey can we share a video with you?" I turn around and mouth out "sorry" to Sister Rouse cuz I was totally taking this lesson in a different direction. But it went so well!!! Afterwards I apologized to Sister Rouse that it came out of no where, but she's like No i'm SO glad you listened to the Spirit cuz I didn't feel like Alma 50 was right, but I didn't know what to do instead. OH WHEWWWW. The Spirit is awesome!

7. Soooooooo I'm sick, yet again. I've got a cold, I'm losing my voice, my body hurts, and I've got the chills. BUT IT IS SUCH A BLESSING, I KID YOU NOT. I'm not being sarcastic this time. It seriously is such a blessing. Cuz it's better than it being my gall bladder/acid reflex/migrane/anxiety. Whewww. Like, of course my body feels so blah right now, BUT ITS BETTER THAN WHAT IT WENT THROUGH BEFORE! HALLELUJAH!

8. We found out on Thursday we had to do a musical number at Sacrament meeting with the Fredricktown sisters. I DID ALTO! LAURA BE PROUD OF MEEEE! I practiced so hard to get that alto dead on. But then my voice got more and more raspy the sicker I got. BUT THEY STILL MADE ME SING AT SACRAMENT. Oh goodness. Sis Adams was like, you sound fine and you're still on key. We'll just put you right next to the mic. OH MY GOODNESS, when it comes to singing I have a freaking fear of microphones! Ask anybody. When it comes to kareoke, i'll sing with the group, but once you hand me the mic, I shut up. BUT I PULLED THROUGHHH. I kept coughing afterwards, but hey, I DID IT :)


10. We had dinner with the Elkington's last night. Bro Elkington is hilarious. We were just swapping mission stories. It was so funny. Their kids are so cute! They remind me of Arielle when she was each of their ages ahaha. Two of them were like, "IM GOING TO BE A MISSIONARY WHEN I GROW UP!" Oh sooooooooooooo cute. 

11. I hit my half way mark. WHAT. THE. CHEESE. I burned a tshirt on the grill :) ahahaha. Sister Rouse was like "i hit 5 months soon" and i was like "what, no. that can't be. IM about to hit my 5 months." Then i realize, no i just hit 9 doofus. Holy frizz, I don't know where the time is going. Gah. It is freaking me out!

12. SISTER ROUSE IS TOTALLY MY BFF. Ahahaha she is just so much fun. We have matching infinity rings. We made this scrapbook and my name was written on blush pink paper with an infinity sign in the corner. Hers was on mint green with an anchor. When we went shopping we found best friend iPhone covers that had the infinity ring and anchor in the same colours. BAHAHAHA. We bought it just because. Oh my goodness, seriously forever best friends. And cooking is so much funnnn. I made us fajitas and sweet potato fries to celebrate my 9 month yeyeuuuh.

13. When we did weekly planning this week I started getting super frustrated. We were trying to come up with numbers, but it was just so hard cuz we had no appointments with investigators. Going from having your planner completely full to zilch is heart-wrenching for sure. But we sat down and the spirit guided. We called up a bunch of people and picked out a bunch of part member families and formers to contact. YEEEUS. Once again, the Spirit is awesome.

ANYWHOOOOOOOOOOZERS. That's all for now :)

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY IN ADVANCE!!!!! I'll tell you about our Valentine's Day adventures next week :) Sis Rouse and I already have souped up a plan :) hehehe

-Sister Limas

Sis Rouse, me, and papayaaaaas

My awesome decorating! Yes, we girlified apartment.

My posterity! Me, Sister Fernandez, and Sister Gunter.

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