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Monday, March 24, 2014


Ezra Taft Benson's "Family-to-Family Book of Mormon Program" is something that I've tried to implement in every one of my areas. It is working wonders out here in Farmington. I've never given out this many Book of Mormons before! But I don't have enough testimonies to put in them. Soooo send me your testimonies to put inside! Just a simple and sincere testimony :) And spread the word! The more I can get, the better. I've got 8 months worth of Book of Mormons to give out ;) (Plus, it's always a treat to hear the testimony of others, sooooo I may be a little selfish in that way :p ahaa)

ANYWHOOZERS. Before I tell you about the fantabulous week, I just want to make reference to my email last week about what I came to realize after reading my patriarchal blessing. So I just LOVE how whenever I have a thought like that, something always happens afterwards to confirm that it was a spiritual impression and wasn't just my thoughts. Which is AWESOME cuz Heavenly Father just gives me that reassurance that I'm not in it on my own. After sending that email, I read a talk by Robert D. Hales called Gifts of the Spirit. In it he says,

"Isn't it interesting that President Romney was sent to interview 25 or 30 men to choose one stake president rather than being told directly who it should be before his arrival? This is what the Lord means when He tells us to study it out in our own minds. Too often we want to be given answers to questions and problems that, if they were given in the manner we ask them, would take away our agency and the blessings that come from reaching out to the Lord for answers and direction. Some think it would be nice to have 'spiritual fortune cookies' we could open to find the answers to life's challenges. Wouldn't it be nice to have a labeled jar we could reach into for our answers? But that is not the way it is meant to be." 

Im sitting there reading it and I'm like "MMNYEEEEEUS. It's not just me. Thank youuu!" God is good.

So this week has been so great! It has been one of my goals to study on spiritual gifts (hence Elder Hales' talk)--mainly because I really really want to develop some new ones. Elder Hales' talk was the first one I've read this past week to pump start it. I wish I could show you my journal cuz my notes look pretty amazing ahaha. As I was reading this talk I was listing down what I thought my spiritual gifts were, and what spiritual gifts I would like to develop. Elder Hales' says, "when we EXERCISE and MAGNIFY these gifts, we will be able to accomplish the calling and responsibilities that will come into our lives". So I listed what I thought my gifts were again and questioned "how do i fully more exercise, magnify, and utilize them in missionary work?" Cuz I figured, 'hey, why would Heavenly Father entrust me with more spiritual gifts if I'm not continuously putting the ones I already have into practice and magnifying them?' So the one I focused on this week was the . I know I've got that one. And my patriarchal blessing addresses it too. But as you've read in my past emails, I tend to argue with the spirit first before I actually make a move. SO, this week I promised that the moment the Spirit tells me to do something, I'll do it right away with no questions asked. 

Here are some experiences :)

* We decided to work Farmington in the morning, and Park Hills in the afternoon. I looked through out member list and right away felt prompted to visit a less active sister named Dennita Chadwell. We typed her address onto the GPS, but it didn't exist. Normally we would just type in someone else's address to move on. But this time I just told my companion that we'll go to an existing number on that street and hopefully we'll find it. So we did, and after some driving and searching, we found it! It was an apartment complex. So we go up to her apartment, knock, and no answer. So we left a note for her. We get back to the car and I'm standing there ready to back-out Sister Rouse, when something was telling me to go knock on her neighbours door. So I'm like sigh ok. So I tell Sis Rouse to stop backing and come up to her window and say, "we need to knock on the neighbour's door." She's like, "ok, if you feel like you need to..." I walk back yelling to her, "the Spirit didn't tell us to come here for nothing!". So we knock on the neighbour's door...and VOILA! Someone opened! His name is Jake. He said that Dennita's apartment has been empty for months. Out of no where I'm starting to talk about the Book of Mormon and inviting him to general conference. We had a really good discussion at the door!! Wheww. And it just happened again, and again, and again all throughout the day! 

* We were in Park Hills finding former investigators and the GPS was going all whack on us. The GPS didn't take us to the right house when we were looking for Michelle. But as we were driving off to look for other people, something was telling me to go back and check further up the street. So we did. And we found her! And had a good discussion with her at the door as well. She set up an appointment with us and told us her daughter was into religion and would probably be interested in talking to us too. Mmmyeuuus! 

* AND AND AND, we found two new investigators! One is a former investigator named, Leon, and the other is his girlfriend, Latasha. I felt prompted to do the pepper/salt/soap lesson on the Atonement. Later on, we were talking to Leon about prayer and he told us about Elder Kimball, and how he felt things during that prayer that he hadn't felt in a long time. He proceeds to tell us that he doesn't normally let missionaries in, but he had a feeling to let Elder Kimball in. I started to tell him about the Holy Ghost and how that was God's way of showing him His love--by sending someone who who be a blessing to him at that time to remind Him God still cares. He looks away and then looks back at me and he's like "that was so weird. That was word-for-word EXACTLY what Elder Kimball told me". Sis Rouse and I look at each other and laugh and I'm like "well I can tell you we didn't pre-plan that. See, it was the Holy Ghost". AND IT SERIOUSLY WAS! Seriously, if I learned anything this day, it was to never never never postpone a prompting or ever argue with the Spirit ever again. 

*We finally had our second lesson with David and Shirley. Our first meeting with them was super tiring because David just talks and talks and talks, and I'm pretty sure he's stuck in between being super prideful about being in church politics before and wanting to become that spiritual again. Anyway, we start out with teaching the Plan of Salvation, but when it got to the point of "what is your purpose in life?", he starts telling us, once again about how he has seen the Godhead and Satan. He was just being super stubborn about looking for answers and saying that God is going to reveal himself again. So let me first just say that I can start to feel super contentious real easy, but I never say anything cuz I hate contention (ahaha Daddy-O knows. He's witnessed me blow up after people leave on numerous occasions). Anyway, I was just getting super frustrated, and almost bored because no matter how much we tried to tell him something, he would interrupt. I just about gave up on him and had half a mind of storming out. But then I remembered that the piece of paper I put on fire during district meeting said, "no more holding back". So I didn't. I was a little surprised with what came out of my mouth. And of course, I was crying. Dang it. I told him straight up, . Yeah something along the lines of that. I don't remember word for word cuz it was definitely the Spirit. Like I said, I shocked myself. And even though I was crying, my voice was no where near timid and was just super bold and direct. Yeah i know, SHOCKER! Afterwards in the car, I tell Sis Rouse, "wow that surprised me". She says, "surprised you? That surprised ME! I was like 'is that my companion?!' Yessss!" Then I say, "you know, as frustrated as I was...I wouldn't have opened my mouth if I didn't care. Cuz really, if I didn't care, then I would have left him in the dark". That experience was a huge testimony builder for me. In that lesson with David, I have never felt the Spirit testify to me so strongly that I knew without a doubt the answers and the peace we gain from the Book of Mormon and from living the gospel of Jesus Christ were true. If saying all that to David still didn't make it clear to him, it was sure made clear to me of what was true. 

* We had an on-the-spot lesson with Latasha. We did a little bit of the POS and then went on to the Restoration. By the time we finished the prayer, she was crying. Next after that we went to find a referral, but had to tract her street in order to get to her. We talked to this guy named, John, and he let us in. He knows the end is near. So we talked about that and prophets and the Book of Mormon...

Seriously, D&C 11:21 has never been so real to me! "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men". This week I've come to realize that when we put ourselves in the position for the Spirit to guide us, it really will guide us. When we show we're willing, we WILL be lead. When we go tracting (which is not very often), sometimes I get nervous about teaching them a lesson on the spot because I wont know what to say. So in the past I may have held back. But this week, I have gained such a huge testimony of just DOING it. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has definitely been strengthened over the past few months, and now there's no holding back of telling people about it. There's no more holding back in asking inspired questions. Why should I get nervous if they let us in? Heck, that's a GOOD thing ahaha. And I think with showing Heavenly Father that I was willing and I wanted to get this work done, and trusting that He would put the words in my mouth, it made Him more apt to trust me to do it, therefore He DID put the words in my mouth. Like, going to talk to people, I didn't care if I didn't know what to say. I just said whatever the Spirit told me at the moment because I trusted that it would come. I really do have to "take no thought beforehand of what [I] should say". It just comes. And so saying, "can we come in and share a message" or just starting to talk about the gospel whether or not they look interested, just came so easy. And I know it's because I showed Heavenly Father I was putting myself up for the vulnerability. I put myself in the position where I could be vulnerable enough to be molded. That means there's possibility of rejection, but that's just part of the molding process. But that's what shapes the potter's clay, no?

Anywhoozerz. There was a whole lot more stuff, but I've already babbled on about these experiences hahaha, so I won't burden you with more ;)

Some quotes I'd like to share with you from my studies this week:

* We have "eternal possibilities". Read your patriarchal blessing. What can you work on?

* We are "sent to this life at this time because this is the time we'll learn the most and do the most good through our talents and personality". I, nor any other child, should ever feel like we don't play a significant role on this earth life. We are sent here for a reson and there is another life we were sent here to impact. Neglect not the gift that is in thee! 

* "Because of the veil it is impossible to fully know, and hence appreciate, oneself. We enjoyed a timeless span of experiences before this life which we cannot now remember". ('Between Faith and Charity'. Ensign 1981)

* "When we are afraid, we are protecting our weaknesses, real or imagined. we may hurt others to keep us from being hurt ourselves. When we fear humiliation or pain or the criticism of others, we are forgetting who we are an dwhat we can become. Moreover, under these conditions we are not capable of charity toward others: 'there is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment' (1 John 4:18). Only by hope founded in faith in Jesus Christ can we develop the capacity to love" ('Between Faith and Charity'. Ensign 1981)

* "Endure to the end. Endure means there will be pain; but End means it doesn't last forever" (Sis Rouse)

* In order to develop more gifts and talents, we need to "increase ability to study, learn, and develop intelligence". There are many gifts and talents we don't know about yet. But we need to earnestly SEEK for them. i don't want to leave this life not knowing or trying to bring out what I'm really capable of. (Every Good Gift - Rober D. Hales)

* The Law of the Harvest can be applied to our creative spirits (see "Every Good Gift" by Robert D Hales to get the whole awesome shi-bam!). "The greatest masterpieces yet to be created will come about through hard work and through inspiration from God" (Robert D Hales) 

^This includes ourselves! We are God's creation! We too can be molded into great masterpieces! We already are! :) The best part is that we have potential to become even greater. But it will only come through hard work and an attitude to do God's will. Neglect not the gift that is in thee, guys! There is so much just waiting to sprout from each and every one of you!

I love you alllllll.
Stay amazing. Keep working hard. 
Who's excited for conference?! I AMMMMMM! So so so dang excited!
Now I gotta read all your emails about Elder Bednar. Shoot, there are like 6 of them haha. Thanks for that! :D I'm excited.

Sister Limas :)

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