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Monday, March 17, 2014

HARROOO! this week has been a total blur and I can't remember much of any of it. But let me share a quick thought I had this week, and then I'll tell you my highlights :)

So I was studying the Ensign when I felt prompted to read my Patriarchal blessing. As I was reading the part about accepting callings willingly and magnifying every calling I receive, I had an epiphany. Here are my recorded thoughts:

"I realized WHY there was no direct line about me serving a mission. It wasn't revealed to me if I would serve because the decision had to be faith-based. Starting from age 14 up until now at 22, it has always been a test of faith for me. If I was told I was going to serve a mission, then it wouldn't have been a test. And if I didn't have that test I wouldn't have learned how to pray, or how to gain personal revelation, or how to recognize the prompting of the Spirit, or learn how to find answers, or know how to develop my relationship with God, or know how to rely on my Saviour. If I was told directly that I was going to serve a mission, I wouldn't have learned any of that the way I did, or have the distinct testimony I have about them. And those are all the things I needed to know before coming out here."

I've been contemplating similar things for a while. We all have our crosses to bear. We all learn things differently. We pretty much learn things and gain a testimony of things the way the Lord knows we'll learn it. You and I both can have a testimony of the Saviour, but the way we gain that testimony comes from a specific trial the Lord has tailored for us individually. And so I know that even though I'm on a mission learning a bunch of things, I know you are all learning the exact same things, but in different ways. Does that make sense? Apparently the Lords sees it fit that I need to serve a mission to get these things learnt through my thick, stubborn head hahaha. 

Short, right? WHAT A SHOCKER. But watch this video because it's amazing.


He’s the One who healed the leper,

And who brought the dead to life.
He’s the One who fed the hungry,
And who gave the blind their sight.
He’s the One who walked on water,
Then He brought them safe to shore,
And whenever you may need Him,
He’s the one you’re looking for.

So let Him in,

And He will take away your pain.
When you feel His love you’ll never be the same.
Come unto Christ
Come unto Him,
And by His grace be made holy again.
He’s calling your name
He’s waiting for you with arms open wide
Come unto Christ

He’s the One who taught forgiveness,

And who showed a better way.
He’s the one who helped the hopeless
And those who’ve gone astray
He’s the Savior and Redeemer
The Bread of Life, the Prince of Peace
If you’re hungry, lost, or captive
He’s the One who’ll set you free

So let Him in,

And you’ll remember who you are
He will mold your life and change your willing heart
Come unto Christ
Come unto Him,
And by His grace be made holy again.
He’s calling your name
He’s waiting for you with arms open wide
Come unto Christ
And you will find eternal life

Come unto Christ

Come unto Him,
And by His grace be made holy again.
He’s calling your name
He’s waiting for you with arms open wide
Come unto Christ

I testify of that simply, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen :)

ANYWHOOZERS. Ready for my highlights and tender mercies?

* So I wasn't originally supposed to make it to this transfer meeting, because neither Sis Rouse or I got transferred. But Sis Sudweeks was, and we had to drop her off and pick up our Malibu, sooooo we got to go to transfer meeting. Huge huge blessing because....

a) Michelle Donald was there!!!! Michelle is a recent convert of the Edwardsville Sisters. When I was serving in Glen Carbon, she, Sister Sabee, and Sister Trop got me through some super tough times. I wasn't able to say good-bye to her though. So seeing her at transfer meeting MADE MY DAY!

b) I got to see Elder Texeira for the last time! Holy crum. The first time I met him was at Zone Pday back in August. When I asked him how long he has been out he said "I go home in April". I remember thinking, meh that's so far from now. But when I saw him at transfer meeting the following conversation happens:

E. Texeira: this is my last transfer

Me: NO IT ISN'T. Say what? April is not next month.
E. Texeria: Uh, yeah it is.

THE POOP. Wow times goes by so fast.

c) First person that comes up to greet me is Elder Smith! Yeyeeeuh. He is my little smidge of home, so talking with him is always good. 

d) I got to greet the Sister Gali, the new filipino in our mission!!! She's so cute. When she got up, she totally looked nervous. So after transfer meeting I made sure I went up to her and gave her a huge hug so she knows she has an Ate in the mission ;) She's great and I already love her. She asks, "do you think President will let us serve together?" Ahahah, I told her hopefully ahaha. 

e) The other Elder Smith (the one who used to be my zone leader) comes up to me and tell me about how they've been rapping throughout the transfer and how he thought of me. BAHAHA. Oh man, I guess I'm kinda flattered? Maybe? I promise you though, my rapping has gotten better out here cuz I do it so much bahaha.

* My new district is SO BOMB. I love Elder Weight! Hahaha seriously him and Elder Davidson together are such a hoot. And he actually calls us every night to check up on us. My past 3 district leaders didn't do that. For our first meeting we made up new, cool district goals and we lit pieces of paper of fire of what things we wanted to let go. Start with a bam!

* on Thursday there was 40 minutes before curfew and Sis Rouse and I were trying to figure out what we could squeeze in before coming home. We decide to check up on our ex-communicated/less-active/investigator family. They haven't been responding to us, so we thought we'd drop in and set a return appointment. BUT, we ended up having 2 lessons! Ahaha it was so great. Afterwards Sis Rouse says to me, "I hope you know Ron's face lit up when he saw you." And I'm like "I hope YOU know that when you bore simple testimony of the Saviour, the Spirit filled the room". It wasn't a big deal, but it was to us. 

* Shirley got baptized on Sunday!!!! She was an investigator that Sis Linton and I started teaching. No one believed that she would be solid and only thought she was using us for service...but NOPE! She did it. I am so stinking proud of her! I wasn't able to attend the baptism, but Sis Scott was there and took a picture for me :)

* I love the Hafner family. They are such a hoot. They were the family that introduced us to Jordan Elders (one of our solid investigators). Their daughter Katelyn is like my new best friend. She's 20 and has a 4 month old son. SO STINKING CUTE. Saturday was the first time Bro Hafner was able to join us for dinner. Oh my goodness, we just had a good time. He reminds me a lot of dad. Katelyn always says the word "weird" and her dad kept telling her to stop it. So I showed her how to say "weird" in ASL. Bahaha Bro Hafner is like, that's it, you are no longer my favourite missionary. But now whenever we see each other, I just make my triple chin face and say "hi bro hafner" and sign "weird" in ASL. Bahaha, oh i just love them.

Anyway, have an awesome week!

I love you all!

PS, so unfair that I'm missing out on Elder Bednar!! You guys are so dang lucky!
Do I get points for teaching his son? Ahaha. His son is in the stake presidency in the Champaigne Stake, and he visited the Paris Branch and attended the youth class Sis Fernandez and I were teaching at :p

...I guess not. Dang it. Just send me notes from his firesides and stuff! You lucky people.


Sister Limas :)

Soooo Elder Weight and Elder Davidson think it's funny to hang tortillas on our doorbell.
They called it "taco bell". Bahahaha. Oh elders...

Me and Elder Smith! Ahaha awkward missionary poses...

Me, Michelle Donald, and Sis Sabey. Love them!

Me and my BC buddy, Elder Texeria!!

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