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Monday, April 14, 2014

So this week has been......interesting. Don't ask -_-"

But on a more positive note, we had President interviews and exchanges this week! Which was awesome :D

So I'm sitting there telling President about my life, and of course he's laughing at me, like always. He makes me feel like the funniest person in the world (even though I can't tell a funny joke to save my life!) because he laughs at everything I say. Hahaha I love President Morgan and I'm glad I can joke around with him. I also love that he can tell by the look on my face that something is up. I also love that I don't have to say anything except for a sigh, and he knows exactly what to say to me.

Anyway, my interview is coming to a close, so I ask him, "what can I do better? Or what can I do to best help my companion?" 

Right away he replies, "you're doing great!"

And I just stare him down with a "are you for serious?!" look.
Hahaha. I don't know what this mission has done to me, but I kinda thrive on constructive criticism now. If I'm not being given something to improve on, then something is wrong. Like, I get fidgety if I'm not working on something. Weird, I know.

So I guess President could tell I wasn't satisfied with his answer, so he goes into depth WHY he gave me that answer. I was a little surprised I must say, but it made me happy. He basically told me he needs me to keep my personality and keep being me because he needs that in the mission right now. I'm just really easy. Whatever that means. I just told him I'd try my best....cuz lately I haven't been feeling like me and it's frustrating. But I'm glad I don't stress my President out hahaha.

Exchanges were AWESOME. Gah, I can't even explain how good it felt. I went with Sis Webster back to her area (Highland), which meant I got to be back in the Glen Carbon Ward area!!!!! I was so excited!!!!! (Glen Carbon was my last area). We worked Highland and Troy for a little bit, and then she asked if there was anyone I wanted to see. YEEEEEUS! We went to see Shirley Guffey, one of my investigators who had been baptized recently. Oh man, I just loved the shock on her face. It was so good to see her. It was also very, very heartbreaking to hear all the things that she has been going through. Man, I didn't realize how much I missed these people until I saw them again!

Next we went to the Ward for a bit to check out the RS activity. Gah, I just love seeing the members :') Its funny cuz it was like coming home. Which was only funny to me because I had the hardest time emotionally and physically in the Glen Carbon area. But it was still home :)

Then we went to Collinsville to visit some of my other investigators whom the Elders haven't been able to contact for a while. Baha, once again, I love surprising people and watching their face expressions. Andrea and Randall told me they had moved out and had come to church! I was so shocked and so happy!!! Eleanore and Andrea asked how come no one was coming to teach them. I'm glad Sis Webster was with me because she wants to pick them up as her investigators so they can continue being taught. Yeyeyeye!

And yesterday at church was our last day for the 40 day fast. Our fast and testimony meeting was AMAZING. How did I get so lucky to serve with these members? Seriously, the Farmington ward members are so, so amazing. I can't believe how fast two transfers have gone by. I don't want to leave them!!!

Also, I got to be in seminary all week! :D Oh how I love seminary. I got to teach the class on Thursday. It's funny how the mission changes the way you teach (but then again, not really because we do it all the time haha. I guess it's funny to see the change from the last time I taught a youth class.)

Anyway, that was my week. Sorta-ish.

If there is one thing I learned this week, its how grateful I am that I was raised in Toronto. As I've listened to the youth and some of the YSA bear their testimony, it just amazed me to see how strong they are. There aren't a ton of members here. But the few that are here, they strengthen one another. There are only 5 members that go to their school. But they are all strong. And that's what's so intriguing to me. They keep each other strong. And living in these circumstances where there aren't a lot of members, it teaches them to be strong. These youth are going to make amazing missionaries. I have just been super impressed with their testimonies and for their diligence in living the gospel. And so Im grateful that I grew up in Toronto--Mormon ain't the mainstream, but there were enough youth my age that we could help keep each other strong. It made the youth years way fun...just building up your own testimony, together.

You know who you are ;)

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you. I'm sorry there isn't too much exciting to report on from this week. It's just I'm just glad transfers are coming.

My spiritual thought for you: Read Mosiah 24:13-16 :)

Also, Alma 48: 11-13; 16-18 and Alma 53: 20-21. On the side I wrote "Qualities of a Future Husband". Don't judge me haha. The mission teaches you a lot about relationships, okay? :p Anyway, I took into consideration what y'all told me about what Elder Bednar said during his visit. I figured, ok if I expect these in a future husband, then I better dang right work on those qualities too. Haha. What I love though, is that any attribute or characteristic I've tried to develop has come through putting my best effort in the work. So I know that's how all those qualities will come too. By just doing the work. Which is cool. Haha God is so creative.

(But seriously, I'm sorry if this email isn't any good haha. It's just been a little rough this week.)

But I hope yours will be amazing!!!!!
Of course it is, because Easter is coming up!
And mine will be too. It just is.

You should already be thinking about your Saviour everyday, but don't forget the reason for this season :) As a Baptist church sign says, "Easter bunny? Easter is about Jesus!!!"

Amen to that. I know that my Redeemer lives!!!!
I believe in Christ, so come what may. Satan can suck it. Life--bring it.

Sister Limas :)

Ready for one of the best songs ever?

I haven't seen His face
But I have seen His miracles
I haven't heard His voice
But His spirit speaks to my heart
I haven't felt His hands
But I have felt His peace
And blessed are those who haven't seen

And still believe that He lives
And still believe that He walked upon the earth
And though my faith is just a seed
I still believe

I didn't walk with Him
But each day He's here by my side
I didn't watch as He healed
But His love has changed my life
I didn't see the cross
But I know it was for me
And blessed are those who haven't seen

And still believe that He lives
And still believe that He walked upon the earth
And though my faith is just a seed
I still believe

I haven't seen His eyes
But someday He'll look into mine
And if He bids me come
I will worship at His feet
For blessed are those who haven't seen
And still believe.

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