The Bathroom Really Is the CR

Monday, April 21, 2014

in Filipino: Bathroom = CR = Comfort Room
in Canadian: Bathroom = Washroom (wow, it sounds so weird to me now)

Hehehe. Wow, I am such a child. Bathroom jokes and stories are the things that make me laugh the hardest. For serious though, the bathroom really is the comfort room. The bathroom is the place where I get most of my ideas, revelation, inspiration, etc. Elder Davidson likes to call it his "Revelation Station" hahaha. I think it's because its the only place where we can actually be ALONE. Thank goodness.

Well let me tell you about how I've been feeling lately before I talk about the Comfort Room :)

Transfer calls were on Saturday. Of course with transfer calls coming up, we all started making our predictions. I kept saying, "I'm going to leave for sure. There's so reason for me to stay here". Deep down inside I knew I was lying to myself. I wanted out of this area! The members and this area are amazing and I don't want to leave them, but my investigator and companion situation were stressing me out so bad, I just wanted out. But Heavenly Father works in patterns and I knew no matter how bad I wanted to be taken out, I knew my work here wasn't finished. Heavenly Father never said or signified that it was. And that's what stressed me out even more! I knew my work wasn't finished, but I didn't know what to do with anything anymore. I was just absolutely burnt out.

I was talking about it with a member, telling her that part of me thinks I'm leaving, but then again I don't even know if I've done everything I needed to. She started getting emotional telling me about all the excellent work we've done and that she really hopes I stay because they need the work to continue to move forward in the area. Geez, she made me tear up.

Anyway, another member offered to make Easter cookies with us to deliver to our newest investigators, the Simmons family. I have super high hopes for this family. They actually came to the church looking for us a few weeks ago. One week later and we were finally able to get a hold of them. After our first lesson with them I was just so excited to keep working with them. But they kept cancelling on our next appointment which bummed me out. So dropping off Easter cookies to invite them to church was such a marvelous idea. It was almost curfew, so we only had time to drop it off and chitchat for a short while. The moment we stepped foot into our apartment, I turned to my companion and said, "if I'm staying, it's because of that family."

So Saturday night FINALLY comes and we receive a call from the Sister Training Leaders:

"Sister Limas, you're going to be staying and training a new missionary!"

OK, I don't think I've ever been so excited in my life!!!! I was just dancing around the apartment the rest of the night haha.

But satan works waaaay too quick. After the excitement, I was like, "wait...I don't remember how to train a new missionary!" The last time I trained, it was right after I was trained, so all that new missionary stuff was still fresh. Things would pop into my head and I'd say, "oh yea...I forgot we had to do that". I think just the idea of forgetting to be detailed-oriented with a new missionary is what put me on the edge. I've been out for so long that most of the time stuff is just clock-work...but I need to remember the new missionary needs to know that stuff too. Anyway, the next morning I was still silently freaking out about it.......until I get into the shower. Oh, hello revelation station!

While I was in the shower I flashbacked to a time I told one of my companions off because we kept getting into trouble with our leaders. I was making a comment about the White Handbook and how our leaders are supposed to trust us, and that because we kept getting grilled by them, they most likely didn't. Then I may have said, "see, now I'm never going to get to train again if there isn't that trust!" Oh man, I was just livid. Anyway, after that flashback, Heavenly Father's like, "Did I not just call you to train? I DO trust you. Now quit worrying about it. You'll be fine". And then I just smiled and enjoyed the rest of my shower :3 See, the bathroom really is the comfort room.


So I'm SUPER stoked for the next two transfers and UBER happy I get to stay in this ward. The Farmington Ward really is amazing and is the perfect place to train a new sister :)

ANYWAY, quick excerpt from the September 2009 Ensign:

" can have sacred, revelatory, profoundly instructive experiences with the Lord in any situation you are in. Indeed, you can have sacred, revelatory, profoundly instructive experiences with the Lord in the most miserable experiences of your life--in the worst settings, while enduring the most painful injustices, when facing the most insurmountable odds and opposition you have ever faced.

"In one way or another; great or small, dramatic or incidental, every one of us is going to spend a little time in Liberty Jail--spiritually speaking. We will face things we do not want to face for reasons that may not be our fault. Indeed, we may face difficult circumstances for reasons that were absolutely right and proper, reasons that came because we were trying to keep the commandments of the Lord. We may face persecution, we may endure heartache and separation from loved ones, we may be hungry and cold and forlorn. Yes, before our lives are over we may all be given a little taste of what the prophets faced often in their lives.

"But the lessons of the winter of 1838-39 teach us that every experience can become a redemptive experience if we remain bonded to our Father in Heaven through it. These difficult lessons teach us that man's extremity is God's opportunity, and if we will be humble and faithful, if we will be believing and not curse God for our problems, He can turn the unfair and inhumane and debilitating prisons of our lives into temples--or at least into a circumstance that can bring comfort and revelation, divine companionship and peace."

^Amen to that. You having a rough time? Then find strength on bended knee. As one of my companions have quoted, "don't expect a million dollar answer from a 10 cent prayer".

Tender Mercies & Funnies:
* Timothy Robertson has a baptism date for May 4! Yeyeyeyeyeye!

* Skye Paige bought us a booth for Farmington Country Days. Its a huge event and over 30 000 people come to it. Proselyting to the max! And because I'm training and will most likely be in Farmington for the next 12 weeks, I get to attend it and proselyte at the booth. SCORE!

* Sis Rouse is going to be companions with Sis Sudweeks. I'm sad to see her leave, but I don't even feel like she's leaving me. She's just going to my other half haha. We chat with Sudweeks every Monday and send letters back and forth, so it's like she didn't even leave. So I'm relieved she's going to someone we already know.

* We met Sis Kerfoot's husband for the first time this week. He's a non member and she's told us before that he'll tease about the church. Well, I met him while we were making those Easter cookies. He is such a hoot! He thought I was an Eskimo hahaha! That's a first. I enjoy people I can joke around with.

* We had Easter dinner at the Bassett's. SO STINKING FUN. They have the cutest backyard. We ate on the marble table Bro Bassett built for their yard. Then the girls made us play with them on the trampoline. HAHA what a work out. Sis Bassett is so creative and has the best fun ideas ever! We played "poison egg". Basically you put chalk eggs on the trampoline and bounce around trying not to get touched by the egg. Too funny.

* The Simmons came to church on Sunday! I was so surprised and so happy! And the kiddos LOVED LOVED LOVED primary. So proud of them :') And by the sounds of it, everyone was introducing themselves to the dad before he even got to Priesthood. Yeeee way to go Farmington!

* A member's less active son and gf came to church...and they said we could come over to share a message O_O Oh, hello!

* A new family moved into the ward! The first thing Sis Thomas says to us is that she wants to help out. YES!!! And she has a less-active son about my age. Time to reactive the kid!

* For once, I'm going to get to attend a stake conference! :D Thank goodness for not getting transferred :)

* I've been pondering and wondering about something a lot lately, and I got an email and multiple letters this week that were answers to the question I was pondering. So to Melissa Popiel, Stanton Fisher, Michelle Donald, and Elder Vi, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me, for following the Spirit to do so, and for answering my question without realizing it :)

So how was everyone's Easter!?

Watch this video because it's AWESOME.

Because of Him, what can you do?

I know that my Saviour lives!
Because of Him I can overcome my weaknesses.
Because of Him I can do hard things.
Because of Him I can live with my family for eternity.
Because of Him I can have hope for good things to come.
Because of Him I can find happiness in my struggles.
Because of Him I can find joy in the little things.
Because of Him I can change and start again.
Because of Him I can find peace.
Because of Him I can live with my Father again.
Through Him we CAN do all things. And we WILL do all things when we choose to be on His side. There is no healing balm more peaceful, more satisfying, more fulfilling, than the one our Saviour gives to us. Come unto Him and you'll find what you are looking for. I leave that with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

One last quote:
"I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. I believe in love even when I cannot feel it. I believe in God even when He is silent". -- Written on a wall during the Holocaust.

Think about that one.

Hope you all have a fantabulous week!
Tell me about your missionary experiences!
Sista Limas :) 

District at B-Dubz! Elder Weight, Elder Davidson, Sister Minyard, me, Sister Lynch, and Sister Rouse.

With Sister Bassett

With the Bassett girls :)

Bassett girl pyramid

Me, Kalene, Kyree, Sis Rouse, and Khloe :) Love them!
Bassett family :)
I'm so happy I get to stay another transfer with them!

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