The Life of a Missionary

Monday, April 7, 2014

You know what's AWKWARD?
Checking the mailbox, having no mail, and hearing your companion say, "maybe God will love us tomorrow" (Uhm, I'm pretty sure God still loves us even without mail).
You know what's even more awkward?
Having a certain zone leader--who you used to get into trouble with ALL the time in your last area--all of a sudden is being super chill and asking for our secret to finding investigators. ( I'm not in trouble?)
Ha, you know what's even more awkward than that?
Meeting with a non-member family for the first time and having one of the adults totally wasted on Moonshine and asking us if we are virgins and then "suggests" that when we get home we "find a boyfriend or husband or whatever and start popping kids like tic-tacs". (Errr...thanks? We'll talk about the Law of Chastity next time, ok?)
You know what's even MORE awkward than that?
Having your companion give you the Law of Chastity chat right after the chiropractor just adjusted your body (Ooooook. Someone's got the wrong idea).

Bah, and you know what's awkward and sad?
Getting to the register and finding out there's STILL no money on your card. (But, but, but it's the 28th!)
Oh, and that awkward situation when an investigator drops you and says, "but we can BBQ and swim together!" (Uh, not the swim part, my friend. Sorry.)
Oh, the life of a missionary.
But you wanna know what's FUNNY?
Making cookies for your neighbours and some of them say "I'm not interested". In what?! Cookies? Or Jesus? Cuz those are both bad excuses.
Tehe, you know what else is funny?
Having a sister in the ward ask if she can put eyeliner on our teeth and have us walk into her husband's dental office.
Haha, you know what's even funnier (I know I know, that's not a word)?
Convincing the Elders to pull over on the highway to come "check" our car just so we can put slimy lotion all over their door handles.
Bahaha, you know what's funnier than that?
Watching an investigator's five year old daughter climb over a fence like Spiderman, and then fall on her face, just so she can get a Book of Mormon.
Oh, oh, you know what else is funny?
Inviting an investigator to be baptized and having them respond, "I've already been baptized", and knowing that they are chill enough that you can say "by the Priesthood authority?!" while making the "raised-eyebrow-pinched-nose-smirk-on-face" look.
Hahaha, oh man, the life of a missionary.
You wanna know what's AWESOME?
Having a member offer to pay for a chiropractor to fix your aching body, and then having the chiropractor do it for free anyway.

Fixed neck = "this should help get rid of your headaches". Thank you Mr. Chiropractor!
You know what else is AWESOME?
Having a 3-yr old take your name tag, put it on herself, put her hands on her hips and say "I'm SUUUUUUPER Limas!"
& Watching parents hold back giggles as they try to discipline their kids because one tooted in the other's face at the dinner table.
& Having little kids run up to you to hug you.
& Country drives on gravel roads.
& When members make or buy you Filipino treats.

You know what else is AWESOME?
Being included in a family picnic and playing general conference charades in between sessions.
& Having an investigator call us "her angels".

& Having mothers come up to you and say "my little girl was asking if she would get to see you today".

& Seeing the Bishop grin super big for the first time when you tell him he reminds you of your dad.

& Receiving calls from missionaries you have served with and getting referrals from them.

You know what else is AWESOME?
Having parents come up to you and tell you their kids are more excited about serving mission after you've visited their home.
& Having an investigator want to make it to the temple.
& Asking a couple how they met and watching them laugh with joy as they reminisce.
& Having your 9-yr old convert come to conference and list things she is grateful for.
& Watching your 9-yr old convert keep her covenants by serving others.
You know what else is AWESOME?
Getting letters from members and investigators from your past areas.
& Seeing the Young Women get so excited about serving a mission in the future.
& Bearing testimony of the Saviour and the Atonement and what it means to me.
& Realizing how much you've changed.
& Personal revelation and knowing you can have conversations with your Father in Heaven.
You know what else is AWESOME?
Knowing someone for a few days and having them trust you with their life story.
& Seeing the glimmer in an investigator's eyes when they talk about how they've developed faith in the Lord.
& Watching an investigator want to change her life and try it God's way.
& Having your testimony strengthened as you bear it.
& Finding out an investigator you taught for almost 6 months is FINALLY getting baptized.
Oh, the life of a missionary :)

Oh, the wonderful tender mercies that Heavenly Father gives.
Geez, I thought this mission was supposed to be selfless!
He just keeps dishing out the blessings!
It has its ups. It has its downs.
But it's definitely a wonder-filled one.
And I wouldn't change it for anything.

ANYWAY, moving onward.
General Conference was AMAZING! So you know how I have an impeccable memory? I don't know WHAT happened, but I can't remember a single story from general conference! We were playing charades and I couldn't remember any stories for me to act out. BUT, this is why :) The revelation and feelings and thoughts I got from conference were AMAZING. And I wrote them all down as certain words and phrases stood out, and as names of individuals popped into my head. Gah, I love general conference. I love being able to meditate. And I love personal revelation. God is good :)
My little thought for this week starts with a couple of scriptures.
D&C 75:22 - "Gird up your loins and be faithful, and ye shall overcome all things, and be lifted up at the last day."
Alma 44:3-4 - "But now, ye behold that the Lord is with us; and ye behold that the has delivered you into our hands. And now I would that ye should understand that this is done unto us because of our religion and our faith in Christ. And now ye see that ye cannot destroy this our faith. Now ye see that this is the true faith of God; yea,  ye see that God will support, and keep, and preserve us, so long as we are faithful unto him, and unto our faith, and our religion; and never will the Lord suffer that we shall be destroyed except we should fall into transgression and deny our faith."

All I have to say is STAND STRONG. You heard it again and again and again throughout conference. These are the last days. Satan is so tricky, sneaky, and powerful. I've seen it. It's around everywhere, and sometimes even the strongest fall away. It is the most heart breaking experience in the world to watch satan split families and bring down soldiers of Christ's army. That's who he attacks the hardest. STAND STRONG! There's only one being more powerful than satan, and that is our Lord and Saviour. And with Him, we can crush the adversary. You think you're going through hell? Then just keep going; keep pressing forward. You think you've hit rock bottom? Good. Then all you know is up, right? STAND STRONG. Stand for what you believe in. Don't settle to for following the easy way out. Fight for what you know is right, stand up for what you know is true. The prophets and apostles have been and are preparing us for what's coming next. How prepared we are depends on our faithfulness on acting on their council. Don't be left in the dark when the war hits its peak. Stand for Him at ALL TIMES, IN ALL THINGS, AND IN ALL PLACES.
I will share with the world that I know what His grace is.

In a nutshell, just listen to this song:)

It's not in the letter, i can't wait to open.
It's not in the badge that will carry his name.
It's not gonna come in just three weeks of study
Or magically come when I get on a plane,
So today I'm becoming who I'm meant to be,
The worthy unshakeable witness He needs

At all Times, All things, All places,
I will sing and shout His praises,
I will tell the whole world that I know what His grace is
At all times, in all things, in all places...

It comes as I study the words of the prophets,
And think about all of those words meant for me,
As Abraham's son I am part of the promise,
That all of the earth would be blessed by his seed,
I know what my savior expects me to be
the faithful unchangeable witness he needs

At all times, in all things, in all places...
I will sing and shout His praises,
I will tell the whole world that I know what his grace is
At all times, in all things, in all places...

All eyes, All ears, All hearts,
All faces, All rich, All poor,
All live, All ages, All roads. All doors,
All lands, All nations, All Earth, All kin.
All Tongues, All races

At all times, in all things, in all places...
I will sing and shout His praises,
I will tell the whole world that I know what his grace is
At all times, in all things, in all places...
At all times, in all things, in all places...
I love you guys!
I'm cheering you on. Heavenly Father's cheering you on.
Our Saviour has always and will always cheer you on.
Have a wonderful week.
Sister Limas :)

April Foolin' our Ward Mission Leader

Out in the sticks!

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