"You can't plan a baptism in one day" SAID NO ONE EVER.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Surprised that I haven't excitedly talked about this in previous emails yet? Yeah, me too. Haha.

So our wonderful ward is doing the 40 Day Fast for missionary work. Sis Wright, an elderly lady in our ward, fasted on Wednesday and had us over for dinner. We get to her house and she tells us that she invited the Pyatt's over too. I just made a "rawr" face and thanked her for doing that. She said "those girls need to be fellowshipped, so I thought it would be good to have them over". Gah, I just love her for doing that.

So we've had a few lessons with Anita and she just didn't seem too interested in coming to our church. Her mom, Zen (she's from Brazil :D !), said their father's mother was giving them anti-mormon stuff. They also had a lot more "fun" attending their grandma's church. And every time we would teach her one of the lessons, Anita would say, "the Elders already taught me this...". Oh awks. 

ANYWAY, so at Sister Wright's house we did our Alma 50 lesson about the things we can do to defend ourselves from Satan. For our little visuals, when you flip over all of Moroni's "defense system" the other side show Christ-like attributes we need to develop, ordinances we have to make, meetings we have to attend, etc etc. So we ask the girls which of those things they can work on. Anita says, "siiiiigh, but this is all so much work". And of course I say, "yeah but do you know why? Because Heavenly Father wants you to learn". So we brought up baptism and she gave me a "ok-convince-me-why" kinda look. Ahaha oh 9 year olds. So we talked about the Holy Ghost and all the things the Holy Ghost does as our best friend. We extend the baptism invite again and she exclaims "YES!" We were like, SAY WHAT? Ahahaha. We tell her we'll discuss a date when we go to their house on Friday and she says, "I want to be baptized on Sunday". So I'm trying to convince her so hard that we still need to go over some things but she was super persistent about Sunday, so I told her to pray about it and let us know on Friday.

We go over Friday and we talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasize the importance of the covenants we make at baptism. Anita is a hoot. She comes up with REALLY good analogies and we go off of them. But then her analogy will go off on a random tangent and we're just staring at her like, "what? where'd that come from?!". Anyway, we go over the baptism interview questions with her and she totally scores it. So we tell her that we should at least move it to next Sunday because our district leader still has to interview her, and she'll need more time to invite friends, and we'll still have to make a program and get people to speak at it......and she says, "I WANT IT ON SUNDAY. I DONT WANT TO INVITE ANY FRIENDS. CALL YOUR DISTRICT LEADER RIGHT NOW AND ASK HIM IF HE CAN INTERVIEW ME TOMORROW". 


Cutting to the chase, Elder Weight interviewed her, she totally passed, we got speakers and a program together in a few hours, and voila: BAPTISM ON SUNDAY! Those were probably the craziest few hours of my life. Not to mention we had an investigator come to Women's Conference while we were mentally planning all of this ahaha. The mission is definitely helping me out with multi-mind-tasking :P 

Seriously, the thing that made the chaos of planning it all worth it was hearing how excited Anita was every time she called us about her baptism. Do you know how amazing it is to see a child go from "" to "I want to be baptized!"?'s awesome. 

And I LOVE THE FARMINGTON WARD. Seriously, for last minute, TONS of people stayed after church to support. Everyone has pretty much become family, whether we've spent a whole lot of time with them or not. Oh I just love them all! I love our Bishop too. The first time we get to Farmington, i look at Bishop Blum sitting on the stand and I whisper to Sister Rouse, "he reminds me of my daddy". We haven't met with him too much, and he's a little quiet. But on Sunday he bore testimony about the youth; he stood up to tell us we should fight for rights and start a petition (i'm not going to get into that one...); and then at the baptism he pulled a cheesy joke before he started welcoming Anita. It all just totally melted my heart and just made me have that much more respect for him. When we got home I told Sis Rouse, gahhh Bishop Blum reminds me more and more of my dad!

President Morgan even called us Sunday night because of this amazing miracle. 
And apparently we're now one of the "miracle" areas. Not quite sure what that means, but I'm guessing its good haha. Two of my areas have already been chosen as the "highlight area" that our Zone Leaders share during Mission Leaders Conference--once when i was serving in Paris, and then Farmington/Fredericktown last transfer. It's definitely a tender mercy to hear stuff like that, especially when you white-wash an area. So I guess we're doing A-OK! :D 

So, who's excited for conference this week?!?!?! CUZ I AM!
Before I end this I just want to share two things with you.

1. Concerning covenants: "Your greatest hope should be to enjoy the sanctification that comes from this divine guidance; your greatest fear should be to forfeit these blessings". The sanctification happens when we are actively keeping our covenants. It's awesome how that works. Every-day covenant-keeping can be doing something as simple as posting a general conference quote on social media (aha refer to the New Era issue that talks about every-day covenant-keeping). Or just actively seeking for someone to help out. It's so simple. Yet, we are sanctified through these tiny little efforts. By small and simple things, y"all! ;)

2. You think you got trials? Things are a little hard? Just remember this:
"Like stones in the river we are tossed and turned when the current moves so strong. Stones in living waters over time are shaped until the edges are gone. Polished and smooth, that's what we will be if we put our selves in God's hands. Each day of our lives is a gift from the Giver to smooth all the edges like stones in the river". He's just helping you to become like Him, that's all ;) The thing is, you just gotta let him :) Keep pressing forward! Keeping working hard! And just watch the music video cuz the song is great ;)

Sister Limas

Sis Lynch, Sis Minyard, me, and Sis Rouse at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Khloe Bassett stole my glasses :3

Anita's Baptism!

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