Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey all!

This is so weird writing updates considering I just Skyped you last night haha. But there's tons of stuff I forgot to share!

1. I hit my year mark this past week! Elder Weight is probably one of my best buddies on the mission. And he is the best district leader everrrrr. He threw me a surprise party! Well, first we get to district meeting and he thinks its hilarious to make me feel useless and not allow me to play the piano or participate in anything during district meeting. I was sitting in the chair so antzy! He thinks it's even funnier to put "eh" after every line on our program bahaha. After district meeting we go into the gym for my "initiation". Sis Minyard and Sis Lynch had made me a cake :) and there were party hats everywhere lol. And then there was an onion on a candlestick. EW. We ended up going outside and they gave me a slingshot and some marbles to shoot at the onion. BAHAHAHA they know me too well!

2. We got two new investigators this week! One is Leah Saxon. She was a referral from the Crystal City Elders. We talked to her twice on the phone and she finally agreed to let us come see her this week. She wanted to know about the church, and she kept telling us about her experiences with the churches she's been to and I didn't think she was retaining anything we said. But she told us she needed to buy a dress so she can attend church with us! YEEEEUS! She's going through chemo right now, so pray for her please! Our 2nd investigator is Nancy May. We met her in Wal Mart as I was trying to teach Sis Craig how to street contact in stores. It was sooo funny Sis Craig was like nudging me to talk to this one guy and I'm like NO WAY. Then I see this little old lady in the frozen food section (and of course you can imagine the usual sneaky smile that comes onto my face). So we walk over to her and I start talking to her about the variety of frozen food, and she starts talking up a storm about her family. We ended up talking there for 30 mins! We shared the Plan of Salvation with her. Then she told us we should go visit one of her neighbours. So later on in the week we visited her neighbor who wasn't interested in talking to us at that moment, so we went to visit Nancy to follow up. Oh man, turns out Nancy used to live in Utah and her daughter is a Mormon!!!! Whaaaat? So we gave her a Book of Mormon and started talking about its history. She was so into. And she had a ton of questions about why she didn't understand certain things about other churches. But she totally believes that the Restoration happened and the Book of Mormon could be true. But she says, "BUT IM BAPTIST". Le sigh. But she offered to say the closing prayer and she says, "help me learn more about the Mormon church". YEEEEUS!

3. Timothy Robertson is getting baptized on Saturday!!!! YAY! Pray for him too, please! He has autuism so he gets super shy and wont talk sometimes, but he's super smart and loves to read. It's taken a while for us to figure out what was the best way to teach him. With the Lord's help, we were finally able to figure out how. SKYLANDERS work like a charm! And interactive game lessons do too. Yeyuh!

4. Last Sunday when Elder Weight asked for our key indicators, he told us we needed to set a baptism date with Ron Robertson (Tim's dad). So that night I had a dream about Ron and how we needed to do it. It all had to do with Ether 2-3 and the Brother of Jared's faith in the Lord. Coincidentally, my Book of Mormon reading happened to be on Ether 2-3 the same day we were planning to meet with Ron! So we read the story with him, shared the scripture about being anxiously engaged and being agents who act. And then bam, we invited him to be baptized. He has a date for July 19! That's the weekend after I should be getting transferred from this area. But hey, the Spirit directed that day, so that's what we did.

I don't really know what else happened this week. It was a little rough. There were a few times this week where I just wanted to drop in the middle of the street and cry in prayer because we just weren't getting anywhere. But I'm looking back and realized we had a lot of success this week and a ton of potential investigators. Wow, humidity and a broken body really does stuff to you hahaha.

Anyway, I just want to say again
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to mom, lola, and grandma :)
Mom, thanks for being a good example to me growing up. A lot of the spiritual gifts I've been blessed with has come from just being able to watch you and learn from your example. Thank you :)

Sacrament meeting was great! Bro Urling (haha he's one of my favourite dads in the ward!) gave an awesome talk about mothers and said something really cool.

He said something along the lines of how the world doesn't perceive women to be sweet, caring, kind people anymore. They think that when women have those attributes, they aren't what is to be perceived as 'strong'. But it is in our divine nature to have that nurturing characteristic. It is the job of the fathers to protect that in the women. Husbands protects their wives, fathers protect their daughters, so that the sweet, caring, kind attributes can stay with them.

I thought that was really cool. Best thing to describe the above is this video:

So dad, I am also grateful for you and your example of how you treat mom. Thanks for showing us how we should be treated by treating mom the best.

"May each of us treasure this truth; one cannot forget mother and remember God. One cannot remember mother and forget God. Why? Because these two sacred persons, God and mother, partners in creation, in love, in sacrifice, in service, are as one." --President Monson

Everybody, love and respect your moms. To every man entrusted with a wife, love and cherish her. To every man entrusted with a daughter, protect and show her the way. According to Gordon B. Hinckley, you can't offend a daughter of God without offending Him.

BUUUUT I'm preaching to the choir, haha.

Other quotes to ponder on:

1. "This is the principle in action. If you want the blessing, don't just kneel down and pray about it. Prepare yourselves in every conceivable way you can in order to make yourselves worthy to receive the blessing you seek". --Harold B. Lee

2. "The devil has no power over us only as we permit him; the moment we revolt at anything which comes from God, the devil takes power" --Joseph Smith Jr.

3. "Every time you try your faith--that is, act in worthiness on an impression--you will receive the confirming evidence of the Spirit. Those feelings will fortify your faith. As you repeat that pattern, your faith will become stronger" --Richard G. Scott

4. "Preparatory faith is formed by experiences in the past--by the known, which provide a basis for belief. But redemptive faith must often be exercised toward experiences in the future--the unknown, which provides an opportunity for the miraculous". --Jeffrey R. Holland

5. "Charity is expecting the best of each other" --Marvin J. Ashton

Last but not least: "Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservations." Think this week about why Faith, Hope, and Charity go together :)

Have an awesome week!
Sister Limas

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