Let Go and Let God

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Man oh man, do I have a ton of stuff to tell you guys!

First, mmm mmm mmm my body is so sore but it feels sooooooooooo good! We played softball with the crew yesterday :') oh it's been so long since I've played! I've been like begging our crew leaders to have a softball pday and yeeeeuhs we finally did it! I seriously have the best zone ever! I also have the best district ever. I can't wait for you to see pictures of my district's awesomeness. But spiritual stuff first!

So on Wednesday I got sick, again, and I was just hurting real bad. So I got another blessing. This time from Bro Johnson, the YM president. In the blessing I was told to, "listen to my body and get the rest I need so I can teach people about the Plan of Salvation". I found that interesting because A) I was pretty sure he was going to say 'Restoration', and B) last week when Elder Weight gave me a blessing, I was told, "you are here to teach people of eternity.

I didn't think much of it after Elder Weight's blessing, but after Elder Johnson gave me one and I made the connection I did some serious thinking of why I was counseled to do that. When it comes to the Plan of Salvation, the two things I have a strong conviction of is 1) The Atonement of Jesus Christ, and 2) Who I am as a daughter of God and what role I play in the plan. Anyway, I've kept that the focus of our teaching this week and it has just been SO great! Why? Well to explain myself, I will use a scripture:

"Therefore God gave unto them commandments, after having made known unto them the plan of redemption" (Alma 12:32)

I read that scripture months ago with this quote from President Boyd K. Packer: 

"Young people wonder 'why?'--Why are we command to do some things, and why we are commanded not to do other things? A knowledge of the plan of happiness, even in outline form, can give your minds a 'why'...Most of the difficult questions we face in the Church right now cannot be answered without some knowledge of the plan as a background."

Ever since I read those two, I've always referred back to it for the reasons 'why'. But during comp study I'd be like, "ughhhh if they would just understand the plan of salvation then they'd know why that's it's important". And sometimes explaining the plan of salvation can get frustrating because sometimes people just don't get it. But this week, after really thinking about what I was counseled to teach people according to the blessings, I've tried to apply it more in the work and have tried bringing it back to basics of the plan of happiness. And it has just been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! No matter what, we always brought it back to Heavenly Father's plan and His love for them, and lessons have just gone a lot smoother. Things are actually clicking, and you can tell by their face expressions!

So the first person we tried it with was Nancy May. We street contacted her in Wal Mart a few weeks ago. The good thing about most people here is they love to talk. And that can get a little hard during lessons, but it's GREAT when they say "I don't have time to invite you in today", yet they continue to talk at the door anyway :] haaaaahaaaaaa, squeezing in lessons at the door works for me! She clearly had been reading the Plan of Salvation pamphlet because she said, "I just don't know if I can believe I was living with God before coming to this earth." What came next was all the Spirit, I tell ya, cuz I can't remember a thing I told her. Or even the analogy I gave her. It just came out so smooth and you could really tell the Spirit was working with her. Nancy keeps telling us she's Baptist and that she's set in her ways, yet you can see the Spirit working with her, slowly but surely. She'll say, "I'm not saying you're not right! I'm just saying I grew up learning something else". Oh man, I just loved the lesson we had with her. And right after the prayer she said, "I know I keep saying I'm Baptist, but who knows I might become Mormon". Hahahah oh Nancy.  

Ron Robertson (Tim's dad) is our only progressing investigator right now. This week we spoke to him about commandments, and then later on in the week we taught him the law of chastity. I've never really had an awkward law of chastity lesson before, but this one was just extra good and the Spirit totally guided it. We brought things back to 'The Family: A Proclamation to the World' to help him understand why  keeping the Law of Chastity is so important to Heavenly Father, and why Satan tries so hard to tempt us to break it. I don't know what it was about the lesson, but it just felt good and the Spirit was like "that is teaching people and not lessons". So get this, Ron says that he is at the point where he can actually say he has a testimony of the church and that he wants to keep learning the rest of his life. He also says, "nothing is going to stop me from getting baptized and getting the Priesthood and going to the temple". YES YES YESSSSSSSSSS! So he knows he has to change his living situation. But he also knows that he's willing to do whatever it takes so he can get baptized. Oh, but there's more! The ex-communicated member he's living with, Michele Barragan, was talking to the Elders about the Plan of Salvation while we were teaching Ron. They had told her she really needs to talk to the bishop because she just really wants to get baptized. The next day at church she went straight to the Bishop's office (oh my goodness, she acted!!!! yeeeus!) After church she told us, "Ron's gotta move out". Oh my gaaaaash. I am just so excited to be watching this family progress!!!! You don't even know!

We met with David Thorn this week and his granddaughter in-law Felicia. They came to church last Sunday, but they had to leave right after sacrament so we had no idea what they thought. David just left saying "He didn't tell me anything". I just got super disappointed cuz I kept promising that if he comes to church then Heavenly Father is going to give him what he's searching for. Anyway, we met with him and Heavenly Father was totally talking to him! He just didn't realize it. While we had our lesson he was making connections of things he started to figure out, and we had to help him by saying, "hey they talked about that at church!" hahaha. We told them we'd go over the Plan of Salvation again next week, but I bore testimony about it right before we left. After the prayer David was actually smiling! Haha i grabbed his hand and shook it and I'm like "look at your face!!! You're smiling!" Oh that makes me SO happy, you don't even know!

Why did those two situations make me so happy? Well, on my mission there have only been two people that I have--to say it nicely--sternly chastised (I would say yelled at and called to repentance, but that sounds a lot more harsh). One is Michele, the other was David. Every lesson was just the same thing over and over again--them complaining about the situation they are in and talking about what they used to be. I just got tired of it did the stern chastising about you can talk all you want about how much your life sucks, but if you don't ACT, then you're pretty much stuck there. If life sucks then do something about it. Like, it scared me how sternly I talked to each of them just because I don't normally do that. And by the time we left their house I was just so exhausted and was just not looking forward to our next visit with them. But lessons learned: I shouldn't feel that way. Because the two times I've ever done that, happen to be the people who started acting and started doing something, as little as the steps may be. But they are progressing! Slowly. But heck, who cares! Them progressing and wanting to do what Heavenly Father wants, no matter how small the steps are, is progression nonetheless. Sometimes you just gotta let go and let God.

Next investigator is Lavette. She was a media referral and this time we brought Sis Gratton, the YW president, with us. It was SO inspired (by Bro Bassett) because Lavette and Sis Gratton just had sooooooo much in common. We did the Book of Mormon lesson with her and taught part of the Restoration. Right when we got there, Sis Gratton shared her conversion story (which I didn't even know about!) and it was just so perfect for Lavette to hear. The Spirit was super strong. Lavette told us again her stories about how she was trying to overcome her drug addiction. It came to the point where she knew she couldn't do it alone and she just begged the Lord to help and strengthen her. The next day, she didn't take the drugs and she's been clean for a looong time. She has such a strong testimony of the Lord can do for us. And it was a huge example to me that sometimes we do just have to let go and let God!

That is probably one of the most important things that I've learned out here: Just let go and let God. Sometimes you have to let go of things. But you have to be willing--willing to trust that Heavenly Father will take care of it if you put it in His hands and just let go. And when you let God take care of it, things ALWAYS work out :) I think that's the number one thing we have to learn, knowing that God will take care of it; He'll take care of you. And when we take those baby steps to put our trust, faith, and hope in our Saviour, we'll see Heavenly Father has shaped us into who He wants us to be. We are the Potter's clay. Trust in the Creator.

Sum up, listen to this song because it's one of my favourites!

When all is said and done
as the season slips away

when I've taken steps beyond my sight

will I find my strength in greater light

will my courage grow with every passing day
and will my faith be constant as the setting sun 
when all is said and done

When all is said and done
and the years have turned to gold
will my life become a legacy
of the things that matter most to me
will the fire of faith burn bright as I grow old 
and will I want to be the person I've become
when all is said and done

When all is said and done
when my eyes can finally see
will I glory in the sweet release
and will mercy fill my soul with peace 
will I kneel in wonder at the Savior's feet
will I hear him say 'well done'
when he sees who I've become
will I live with him
when all is said and done

Think about that one:)
Love you all! Hope you have a fantabulous week!
Sister Limas

At Elephant Rocks last Monday with my district (or Sis-trict haha) :)

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