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Monday, May 19, 2014

This week has been FABULOUS. Minus the fact that my body is like breaking, but that's ok. That's part of the story, so I'll get to that in a sec.
On Tuesday we had Zone Conference. Our zone was combined with the O'Fallon Zone (aka I got to see Sister Sudweeks and Sister Rouse! Yeyeuh!) I felt sooo sick during all of conference. We have just been going at one thing to another, pushing super hard and my body has been pretty much begging me to take a break. BUT I CAAAANT. There's just no time for that! Well sitting in conference gives the body a break, but then that means its time for all the extra aches and pains to get out because now you can pay attention to them. So I was pretty much on the verge of crying all of conference cuz I hurt that bad. But of course tears eventually came. The missionaries going home after this transfer stood up to bare their testimony and I'm sitting their bawling my eyes out. The majority of the Elders leaving are Elders I've become really good friends with. Elder Stewart (who is going to beat-box for me when I rap now?!), Elder Dahle (what am I going to do without my fake Canadian??), Elder Sims (wait, so I'm not going to get into trouble anymore?) and just a bunch of other Elders that I've been privileged to serve around during the beginning of my mission. As I'm sitting there watching them get up one by one, it just killed me to think that every transfer after this one, almost all of my mission friends will be going home. And then me. I'm such a baby, I know. But it makes me so sad!!
Anyway, during one of the trainings the Zone Leaders from O'Fallon thought it'd be fun to do a bunch of role plays (groaaaan). I don't even know who this Elder is, but he's like "Sister Limas, do you wanna do the last one?" I look at Sister Craig and I'm like "you ready for this?" and she's like "I don't know!". So of course I have to set a good example to help her not hate roleplays, so I get up there with a yeah-we've-totally-got-this! attitude. What's our assigned roleplay? Street contact a group of guys and bare testimony to them. Cool, we got this, right? NO. The Elders acted like disrespectful, obnoxious teenage boys. And because they are missionaries, they knew what lines were the worst to throw at us. OH MY GOODNESS. So the whole point was that we had to bare testimony even if they didn't want to listen to us and even if they were being mean. I sat down and I'm thinking "wow, I clearly still have things to work on". Put me in a pastor's home, put me in a minister's home, put me in a home of someone who knows the Bible better than I doesn't scare me. I just do it. But a group of teenaged boys....ugh. They always make me so angry! Doing that roleplay brought memories and feelings that I forgot were still there. I avoid groups of boys like the plague because growing up in the middle school that I went to, most guys were super obnoxious and disrespectful. Someone says the word "hot" or "sexy" and you'll be sure to get the look of disgust from me. But those were the people I was associated with and so it was always in my head that was how all guys looked at girls and I just had a huge dislike for their attitude. It also puts your self worth down. When I gained a testimony of who I am as a daughter of God and the role I played in His plan, none of that stuff mattered anymore and I made sure I didn't associate myself with people like that. No one needs to listen to cat calls that put down your worth as a daughter of God. Anyway, but like all other aspects of the gospel, just when you think you have a certain trait down, Heavenly Father puts you into a situation and reminds you you still have things to work on. For me at that point, just when I thought that I was able to love people easier--BAM--i get put into that roleplay and Heavenly Father reminds me that I still get feisty and contentious when I am around people like that...aka you still gotta work on your charity. SO, the next time I'm around a group of guys on the street, I'll try not to get contentious and just love them (as hard as that is for me to say).
ANYWAY, the next day was exchanges. At first I was super excited, but I had just been so tired and is so much pain I just wasnt feeling it. Which worried me. So Sis Craig and I got blessings from the Elders. Man, I felt more chastised than comforted! In the blessing it was just reiterated what my purpose was as a missionary. So pretty much, "suck it up princess! This is not about you. No one cares if you're hurting or if you're body is about to break. You have work to do". Gah.
So we're about to begin exchanges and I'm freaking out like crazy. But the moment Sis Sabey gets into the car, I knew what we had to do. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE SPIRIT! I don't have enough time to say everything that happened, but to sum it up...FOUR NEW INVESTIGATORS, BABY! It was so amazing. One of them, Heather, was crying as Sis Sabey and I were baring our testimonies of how we came to know the Gospel is true. The Spirit really touched her and she wanted to so badly want to feel more of God than the adversary. Another investigator, Lavette (media referral!), who was so thirsty for more of the word, said the closing prayer and was thanking God for answering her prayers and for us giving her the Book of Mormon. It was so amazing. I was just so shocked at everything that was happening. We got 2 more new investigators in the next two days. Seriously, when we're about to sum up the week on Sunday night, most of the time I'm like "did we even do anything??" and then we find out that this area has just been progressing week by week. Heavenly Father just loves His children! I know that it's only through the Spirit that we are able to be placed in the paths of the people who are searching for truth. I know that no matter what we do, no conversion happens without the Spirit and without the love of our Savior.
AAAAND we had a baptism on Saturday!!!!! Tim finally got baptized. I cannot even express what a blessing it has been to watch him and his whole family progress. Tim is 9 and has autism which makes him super shy and not so interactive. His mom is an excommunicated member, his siblings are less active, and his dad isn't a member. The moment we set a baptism date with Tim, he wasn't the only one who started to progress, but his whole family started too as well! They are saying prayers with being too hesitant, they are coming to church, they are coming to activities, etc. It's just so great to see! They have just been trying to be the best example to Tim and in the process are coming unto Christ themselves. I just love them. When you hear a youth say they want to go to the temple after they've been less active for some time IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN EVER HEAR.
Anywhoozers I have to go. We are hanging at Elephant Rocks today.

Oh, one more story...and tender mercy. We had 30 mins before our dinner appointment, so we planned to go tract the nearby street. We are walking up the road and I hear Sis Craig scream. I'm like frantically looking around and I see this tiny pug dog on the lawn across from us. At first i'm thinking no big deal, and then I see that this dog is starting to run towards us...AND IT DOESN'T HAVE A LEASH. So Sis Craig's scream turns into a shrill shriek and I have no idea what happened but I just started booking it down the road faster than I've ever run before, thinking "get baby girl out of there, get baby girl out of there!!!". And so I'm telling her to unlock the car so she can jump into it. This dog is chasing us down the street, barking at us. .......And turns out the dog was trained to NOT get off the lawn. So he stops chasing us after we hit the intersection. Aaaaand the tender mercy is a) we didn't get eaten by this dog and b) i didn't get hit by the truck that I didn't see was coming. We told the story to the member who was feeding us dinner and she was like, "oh you mean cute little Pugzly(or something like that". Sis Craig and I were laughing the whole night every time we thought about what happened. Goodness gracious.

ANYWAY i really gotta go. But HAPPY VICTORIA DAY!

Mucho Love!

Sister Limas
The Bassett girls love the bracelets Arielle made for them!
Tim's Baptism!
They don't have them here *sadface*

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