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Monday, June 2, 2014

This morning I played the piano at a funeral for Brother Melvin Minks. He is the grandfather of one of my recent converts. This is the third death experience in the past 3 weeks, and one of many I've heard about this transfer! First Lolo Albert, then David Thron's brother-in-law, and now Bro Minks. At times like this, I am extra grateful that I have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation. There is so much peace and comfort knowing that life doesn't end at death--it's just another step in our progression to becoming eternal. Our loving Heavenly Father has provided us a plan to receive ultimate happiness, and it is so achievable! We simply just need to have faith and follow our Saviour Jesus Christ. I know that it is through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ we are able to know of truths that have been lost concerning what happens after this life and what we are able to do in order to be sealed with our families forever.

Also, I don't normally do this, but could you all pray for my investigators, please? The majority of them has health issues that keep them from meeting with us or coming to church because of all the hospital trips. I have never felt so helpless! Every time I see them, its just one thing after another of health conditions and deaths in the family. I stand there listening, trying to give words of comfort according to the Spirit, but I just feel so useless because I can't help/aid them financially or physically. Its just super heartbreaking.

Here are my investigators to pray for:
Debbie and Bill Penrose
Ron Robertson
Felicia Twomey
David and Shirley Thorn
Leah Saxon
Nancy May
Lily Simmons

​Thank yous!

& Here are three cool miracles of the week!

1. We went to visit David. Usually he doesn't know we are coming and its a surprise visit. But this week we're sitting in the car and David all of a sudden appears out of his garage and starts waving us over hahaha. He sits down on the work counter and he tells me, "God says to be patient with your [...]. I don't really know what [...] He's talking about, but He says it'll be resolved soon. Just be patient". I'm standing there like, errrrr ok thanks. It was kinda funny because whatever David brought up was something I had mentioned of concern earlier that day. Anyway, we got through the whole Plan of Salvation with David! YES! The last time we tried that there was a lot of heat. But this time he listened. Near the end of the lesson he says to me, "you should be happy. You took a man out of his dark misery and got him hoping in God again". I'm standing there in shock thinking, "woah. YOU of all people are telling me this. Really?" Although David and I have had our rough spots with each other, I have come to really care about him (the ONLY reason I come back each week and deal with him haha). I just told him it wasn't me and totally the Spirit. Then I helped him remember the first time we met. That wasn't by chance. We were out looking for less-actives. He just happened to be sitting outside, smoking, in the SNOW, when we passed by the apartment complex. He's still David, but there's a little bit more hope and light in his eyes. All trials are worth seeing that little glimmer.

2. We met with one of the previous Elders' former investigator, Heather Matthews. The teaching record said she knew the Book of Mormon was true, but when we met her the first time, she said she had some issues concerning the Book of Mormon and the Bible. So on our visit with her this week, we resolved her concerns and helped her understand the purpose of the Book of Mormon. Then she tells us she wants a new one because her 12 yr old daughter is using her Book of Mormon to read and study from to teach her youth class at church. ECUMEH?!?! THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!! We will be teaching her and her daughter this week :)

3. On Sunday Sis Craig and I were fasting for a miracle because we pretty much feel like we've hit a roadblock with finding people to teach. Elder Weight and Elder Kaiser attended our sacrament meeting with their investigator and two of her kids because she wanted to attend our 11am session. So get this. After church, Bro Majeske pulls us out of Sunday School and says, did you know there was a non-member here and she's about to leave? Did you talk to her? We look super confuzzled, but then we see that he was talking about the Elders' investigator. Turns out she recently moved and just barely made it into the boundaries for our ward. The two kids with her weren't investigators yet, but they are both solid potentials. We're meeting with them this week. SOOO STOKED. Heavenly Father answers prayers!

This week we also had our last district meeting together. The trainings given by Sister Minyard and Elder Weight were awesome. It was also the saddest district meeting everrrr. We didn't get transfer calls till Saturday, but we were pretty sure both of them were leaving. Sis Minyard has become one of my bestest friends on the mission, and I've only known her for 12 weeks! But we hit it off right off the bat and I just love her. She's one of the few sisters that I can talk about anything to and I just have a huge respect for her as a missionary. Elder Weight too is one of my best buddies on the mission. He is just too funny. I guess this transfer is just hitting really hard because there are no more, "I'll see you later and we'll serve in another zone/district again". That possibility is just minimal now and it makes me sooooooo stinking sad! Anyway, we get transfer calls and Fredericktown and Potosi are switching areas. So Sis Minyard is staying :D which I am extremely grateful for. But Elder Weight is leaving and being replaced by Elder Austin, who replaced me in my last area. Ahaaa. Oh boy. But all of a sudden I'm like what am I going to do without Elder Weight?!?!?! I call him my "mom". This is so weird. It's like getting a new parent. Haha.

Now for my spiritual thought. Forgive me if some of you have heard this before. This is something I learned about when I was serving in Paris, but I happened to be reading it again and just added to my previous thought. Anyway...

This is in 2 Nephi 10:20-21

"And now, my beloved brethren, seeing that our merciful God has given us so great knowledge concerning these things, let us remember him, and lay aside our sins, and not hang down our heads, for we are not cast off; nevertheless, we have been driven out of the land of our inheritance; but we have been led to a better land, for the Lord has made the sea our path, and we are upon an isle of the sea.

"But great are the promises of the Lord unto them who are upon the isles of the sea; wherefore as it says isles, there must needs be more than this..."

My thought: There will be times when the Lord calls us out of our lands of inheritance (our comfort zone) and asks us to build a boat (gives us a calling, trial, hardship, etc). We just need to take that boat onto the waters and let the Lord guide out path to help us make it to the Promised Land. With the sea as our path, most of the time the path isn't clear; sometimes we don't know where water takes us and we just need to go with the flow. But when we trust in the Lord, the Spirit will tell us when its right to steer. Otherwise, we just need to trust that the Lord is leading us to where He wants us to go. Also, we have to endure our boats! We can't just jump off ship. We need to endure and stick to it until the Lord leads us to the Promised Land, or leads us to where we need to be or what we needed to become.

Trust in the Lord :)
Hope you all have a fun week! School is out here. But not there, right?
Sister Limas

Cape Girardeau Crew!

Out in the boonies!
Sister Craig: Why are we walking on the highway? We're going to die.
Me: We're on the Lord's errand!

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