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Monday, July 28, 2014


This week has been stellar! Life is seriously such a roller coaster, but it's just SO AWESOME (which is ironic, I know, because I absolutely hate roller coasters haha).

Soooo I call my personal study time "companionship study with the Spirit". Heavenly Father definitely has a sense of humour because all week he's just been pointing things out in the scriptures to me and I just start laughing to myself at what he's trying to tell me.

Anyway, you ready for a double flash-back?

So one of the days this week, I woke up hurting, not understanding why, and begging Heavenly Father to take it away. I did my studies before getting ready and I was debating whether or not I should get a blessing. The first person I usually turn to for a blessing is my district leader. But sharing a ward with Elders is a new thing to me and I've been slightly struggling with how to deal with them. (Mission BG: I whitewashed Elders out of Paris and was there for 6 months. I whitewashed Sisters out of Glen Carbon, shared the ward with the Sister Training Leaders there for 3 months, but were also the last Sisters to serve there because Elders whitwashed us out. Then I whitewashed Elders out of Farmington and was there for 6 months.) So as you can see, whitewashing Sisters out and having Elders already there too is new to me. Its so different. I'm so used to cleaning up the area and picking it up from scratch. But now I'm sharing a ward and I have to deal with who's area is who, and who shares the evening thought with which family, etc, etc. For example, members from Paris giving me referrals for this new ward I'm in, but the person is serving in the Elders side of it.  I don't know, I guess I'm just used to taking control of the situation and it's new for me to have to turn and ask the Elders what goes first/ask their permission for anything/run anything by them. Urgh. Anyway, I just really wanted a blessing from someone I knew, or at least my district leader. And it was literally eating at me because I really didn't want to ask the Elders in my ward.

So there I am in the shower (go figure, it would happen in the revelation station ;p), and I'm thinking about how things would be so much easier if I didn't have to run things by the Elders first and yadda yadda yadda. Then all of a sudden I flashbacked to last General Conference:

I was sitting in the chapel listening to Elder W. Craig Zwick (his talk: "What Are You Thinking?") and near the end of his talk, a really loud voice came into my head saying, "You need to trust your Priesthood holder". Something Elder Zwick said made me flash back to when I was in Paris, and one of the members was telling us a story about their move back into the area. Her and her husband had been praying about what they should do, and one day her husband says, "I feel really strongly that we need to move back to Marshall". She said that when her husband told her that, at first she was like, "how come I didn't get that answer?" and it really confused her for a bit. But then she realized that her husband is the Patriarch of their family, and that he is a worthy Priesthood holder, so she just needs to trust what the Lord is telling him. Flashing-forward, I wrote in my journal during conference that I had to be careful and make sure that in the future, I trust my Priesthood holder. Not gonna lie, at first I was like, "well no duh I will", but then I started to realize how a situation could easily turn into like that of the member's where I will question what the Lord tells him verses what He's telling me.

So in the shower I flashbacked to that memory, right? And all I could hear Heavenly Father say after was, "don't you get it Sister Limas? Elder Flowers and Elder Bae are your Priesthood holders right now, and you need to trust them. You need to learn to let that leading side of you give way for others who have stewardship too. Don't you get it? This is all just preperation for the future". And I'm standing there like OOOOOOOKAY, you would put me in a ward with Elders right before going home. And He says, "Sister Limas, just CHILL OKAY?" (Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how many time He has told me that this week!)

Anyway, it was a humbling experience for me because I do just take the lead with the areas I'm thrown into. If I have companions that's dont pick up, I keep going. And I realzied I can't let that side of me desire to take over the Elders stewardship because it's theirs and not mine. Sister Tonnies has been great at reminding me though. She served with Elders in her last area so she's used to it. This is why we're companions.

But yeah. I got the blessing, and it was a very comforting one. Even though we get at it sometimes, Heavenly Father's always looking out for me :)

So I hope you liked my "Patience" thing from last week. Sister Tonnies and I decided we'd pick a Christ-like attribute for every week this transfer, study it throughout the week, apply it, and then define it every Monday right before emailing. This week's was Virtue. I did a study chain on Virtue when I was being trained in Paris. And let me tellll you, MIND=BLOWN. So studying it again has been a joy. All the new mission knowledge has definitely deepend my understanding of virtue. So here we go:

Virtue / being Virtuous is...

  • Our true identity.
  • The power of God within us.
  • Understanding our worth.
  • Recognizing our divine heritage and working towards our divine potential.
  • The goddess (or god) within us.
  • Becoming holy.
  • Our purified, true nature.
  • The process of becoming perfect.
  • The level of perfection achievable in this life.
  • Recognizing the God-like attributes within us.
  • Living unspotted from the world.
  • Rising above the things of this world.
  • Perfect faith.
  • The act of BECOMING greater than your mortal self.
  • Living like you're in the eternities.
  • Keeping yourself worthy of the Spirit of God.
  • Having the pure love of Christ.
  • Understanding the potential in those around you.
  • Becoming more like Jesus Christ.
  • Putting God first.
  • Takes practice, and practice make perfect.
  • Knowing you are worth the struggles of this life.
  • Letting your desires determine your destiny.
  • Turning out because you already know what's in.
  • True beauty.
  • Your best you.
  • Living up to our divine calling and responsibilities.
  • Who we are as well as who we're striving to become.
  • Having an eternal perspective.
  • Partaking of our divine nature.
  • The difference between a rock and a jewel.
  • Allowing ourselves to be cast into the refiner's fire.
  • Trusting our Heavenly Father enough to love whatever comes.
And my two favourites:

  • Living the words, "I am a Child of God".
  • Being loyal to the royal within.

I wish I could share all the dissected scripture verses with you so you can see how we came up with this list, but I don't have time. But I will tell you, the key that helped me realized that it's all about living up to our divine callings and responsibilities was from a scripture chain I did when I was in Paris. Proverbs 31:10 says, "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies". The footnote says to check out "Marriage; Marriage, Wives; Woman" in the topical guide. This was over a year ago, so I forgot the chain, but the gist is: When we are men and women of virtue, we live up to our divinely appointed callings. And something I learned from Sister Tonnies: We don't normally hear ourselves telling young men to virtuous. We tell them to be worthy of their Priesthood. Being a Priesthood is their divintely appointed responsibility. And a worthy Priesthood holder needs to be supported by a virtuous woman.

So how do we live the words, "I am a Child of God"? How do be loyal to the royal within? It starts first with remembering who you are, and then living up to it. In my last area, Sis Gratton always said to her daughter, Eden, "remember who you are", and before leaving Eden will respond, "daughter of God, born to be a queen!".

Do we forget the message of the primary hymn we all know how to sing? We are children of God. We are royal sons and daughters of a Heavenly King! When we wake up in the morning and leave the house for our various activities, do we remember, "I am a daughter of God, born to be a queen!" Do we remember, "I am a son of God, born to be a king?" And most importantly, do we act like it? Are we loyal to the royal within us and live up to our birthright? Its amazing how much trust Heavenly Father puts in us.

Anyway, that's all!

Highlights/funnies of this week:

* 4 new investigators baby!

* It seriously has been such a blessing to be back in the area. I called up Sis Delp this week and asked about her neighbor in the area that she had referred to us over a year ago. Sis Delp excitedly told me about the spiritual experiences her neighbor was having and how much of a coincidence that I happen to be back in the area.

* We were looking for the post office last Monday, and we get to it and it's under construction. I'm standing there saying, "are you kidding me?!" The all of a sudden a huge white van pulls up and this guy rolls down his window and says, "you looking for the post office?" He's giving us directions to another one, but Sister Tonnies and I are just standing there, pretty sure our mouths gaped open, because this guy is seriously good-looking. Bahahaha I had to ask him to repeat the directions. When he drove away we were like, oh nice man please come back so we can teach you the gospel!

* We has an appointement with a potential investigator, but when we knocked on the wooden frame of the screen door, her dogs got excited and pushed it open with their nose and escaped! Oh my goodness, it was chaotic. It was a pitbull and a little chuweenie. Oh my goodness, we had to chase them around and we couldn't holler at them cuz we didn't know their names. We finally got them inside and shut the door, and we turn to each other completely out of breath, and say, "what?! Still no one?!" The owner didn't even come out to check the dogs. We got ignored HARD-CORE. Hahah but it was such a hoot. Oh missionary moments :)

Have a fan-tab week y'all!!!!!

Sister Limas :)

Cool story, bro. But we've been under the same management for eons.

I can tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street!!!

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