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Monday, August 11, 2014


Ready for more snippets? :)

1. Setting: Emailing last Monday.
Elder Flowers: My mom just told me I have 1 more Fast Sunday left.
Me: That's so weird.
Elder Flowers: Watch out. You only got 2 left.
Me: Stoooooop it.
#shutup #stoptryingtospreadthetrunky

2. Setting: About to go on exchanges.
Sister Scott: Guess what day it is today.
Me: Don't remind me.
Sister Scott: I counted how many days we have left!
Me: What? Why?
Sister Scott: SO CRAZY! This weather is messing me up. It feels like fall.
Me: I know right? Like, why am I wearing boots in the middle of August? You know what else is scary? I saw Halloween Candy at Walmart the other day. IT IS NOT OCTOBER YET!
#100daystogo #icantbelieveshedidthat #wearenottrunky #idontknowwhattimeisanymore

3. Trying to contact a guy we had tracted into the day before. His wife opens the door and we explain what we do and she says, "so....can I opt out of it?"
#no #justletusloveyou

4. Setting: See that we have two missed calls from our Zone Leaders. Then we receive a text saying...
Zone Leaders: Why does it feel hotter in humid places than not humid places. We need facts.
Us: [our attempt at a scientific answer]
Zone Leaders: Okay so why does humidity happen?
Us: I don't know. Its just a small trial God gives us! IS THIS WHY YOU CALLED US?!?!?! We are writers, not scientists.
Zone Leaders: You are missionaries...
Us: Thank you for stating the obvious.
#whatintheworld #ilovemymissionfriends

5. Baring testimony at people's doors and they interrupt you. "That's twice in less than 24 hrs!"
#ijustwantyoutofeelthespirit #iguesstwiceisnttoobad

6. Weekly planning at the small town coffee shop and the workers start talking about ModCloth.
#weneedtobefriends #wewillteachyouthegospel #iallofasuddenmissmyfriendsinTO

7. Sitting in Relief Society and the teacher says, "today we are going to talk about Celestial Marriage". I start giggling and shaking my head, and glance over at my companion and see that she's giggling too.
#compunity #ilovemycompanion #stopremindingusofthefuture

8. Eating lunch on exchanges and your STL says, "for a Filipino, you don't eat much food."

9. Tracting in the rain during exchanges and having so much fun you don't realize 3.5 hours have passed.
#missionaryfun #allgodsgrace

10. Setting: Happy Hour at Arby's. District Manager, Mike Copsy, starts asking us these funny questions that he likes to post on Facebook:
Mike Copsy: Have you ever wondered why Lawyers get debarred? Or why Ministers get defrocked? Or why painters get...
Me: Here, now I have some questions for you. These are called the questions of the soul.
#icanbejustaswhittyasyou #heresabookofmormon #taughttherestorationoverthecounter #WIN #onedayyouwillbemormon

11. Setting: At our apartment complex and our neighbor Tara summons us over.
Tara: So why do you guys have to back each other? Is that part of your religion?
Us: Haha no, its just a mission rule.
Tara: So....what do you guys believe?
[after much talking]
Tara: I want to change my life. I had a feeling I needed to talk to you guys because you know God.
#goldeninvestigator #shekeepscommitments #miraclefairytale

12. Tracting in the rain and hoping for a miracle. Girl named Priscilla lets us in and we teach the Restoration. Her response: "My sister just became a Jehovah's Witness. She knocks on doors too and says that people are really mean to her. So when I saw you I thought I should let you in. The coincidence is that me and my best friend are actually looking for a home church to go to".
#nocoincidences #godknowswhathesdoing #thelordstimingisperfect​

Well, that was a sum up of my week! Heavenly Father is great!

So, something interesting happened during exchanges. Sis Johnson came with me to Charleston. When we got back to the apartment, the first thing she wanted was a tour. I brought her into the study room and the first thing that catches her eye is my photo scrapbook. She starts flipping through the pages and simultaneously looking at the photos on my wall as well. Then the following conversation happens:

Sister Johnson: wow you have such a great life! Your family, your groups of friends, all the events. It looks like so much fun!
Me: life was pretty fantastic.

She then asks me something, and I tried to make my answer as short as possible. Then she looks back at my wall and says,

"You know, by looking at all these photos, you can really see how you've let your joy and gratitude for life continue on the mission."

At first I was standing there thinking "ECUMEH, why are you analyzing my life for?" But as she was saying this, I couldn't help but feel a huge amount of gratitude. When she said, "you have such a great life", I was kinda taken a back.

Over the past couple months or so, anything and everything mentioned about "home" stressed me out so bad since home is just around the corner. And there is a handful of you that I've complained to and have pretty much said, "gah. I don't even want to think about home and what I'm going to do with my life. It stresses me out too much." It's been a while since I've looked through my photo book. And the pictures on my wall are on the wall my back faces to when I study, so I never look at it. But while Sister Johnson and I were looking through my photos, I couldn't help but feel this huge amount of love and gratitude. I almost feel like I've forgotten how great and blessed my life was back home because all thoughts of "home" are just put into the back of my mind right now. And I just want to apologize for saying those things. Being in a new area and reflecting on my mission life, I feel so much gratitude for learning and experiencing the things I have. But I've also been feeling super excited for the surprises Heavenly Father has in store for my future. So I'm really sorry if I've had such a bad attitude about home the past couple of months. I promise, now I'm more excited than anything else. And I'm really grateful for that tender mercy of Sis Johnson making that comment. Because it reminded me that "heck yeah, my life was fantastic back home!" I just want you guys to know how grateful and how blessed I feel that you are all in my life and have been huge examples to me; examples that have prepared me to be out here. I know the mission life would have been completely different if I didn't have the things I've learned from all of you. If I could write every single person in my life a "thank you" card, I would. To anyone this email is forwarded to/reads this on my blog: thank you for being in my life and for letting me learn from you. And to those 10 individuals I specifically send this weekly email to every Monday (you know who you are ;D): Thank you for making my life fantastic :) You are the people that make the majority of my photo book. And I want you to know how blessed I feel to have you be the majority of my life as well.

Home life was fantastic.
Mission life has been a blast.
My life in general is a wonderful and joyous one.
I say to Heavenly Father, in the words of Joseph Smith to Newel K. Whitney, "thou art the man!". Heavenly Father is too great. He is perfect. I feel absolutely spoiled.

Anyway, last week's Christ-like attribute was Diligence! Here we go:

Diligence is...

  • The enduring part of "enduring to the end".
  • An expression of my love for the Lord and His work.
  • Knowing what you're supposed to do, and doing it.
  • Working hard even when no one is watching.
  • When you keep going when all that's pushing you is thinking that you can.
  • Wanting an action-packed experience.
  • Putting aside yourself for what's right.
  • Choosing to step out that door even though you don't know where the Spirit is going to lead you.
  • Choosing to live the gospel every single day.
  • Understanding its the little things every day, not the big things every once in a while.
  • Continuing to fight the fight no matter what stands in your way.
  • An act of working towards what your heart hopes for.
  • Staying true to yourself despite your surroundings.
  • Letting the Lord's trust be your motivation.
  • Having the faith to never let go.
  • Tracting no matter what the weather is.
  • Choosing to open your heart to everything and everyone that comes your way.
  • Knowing there is good in this world and its worth fighting for.

And my two favourites:

  • Letting D&C 123:17 [let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the Salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed] be the theme for life.
  • Having a "just keep swimming" attitude.

Yeeeeeeuh, Finding Nemo for the win! Diligence and me are always fighting with each other. Scriptures say, "don't run faster than you have strength", but they also say, " do all things in the strength of the Lord", and so I'm always like WHERE IS THE HAPPY MEDIAN?!?!?!?! But what I have learned about being diligent is basically just keeping on keeping on with a happy heart. When I think about the Atonement and the reason why the Saviour sacrificed Himself for us, I can't not get out there and work. And yeah, the work gets hard. Things get frustrating and sometimes its super tempting to have a sour attitude. But I've come to learn that its the joy the Saviour brings me that makes everything A-OK! In the words of Bro Hawk, "we know the final outcome of the game. We know that no matter how bad things might be, at some point there will be a turn around." And there will always be a turn around. When we choose to be on the Lord's side, life will always be wonderful! No matter what happens. We just gotta keep fighting for Him. Afterall, He's fought the fight for us. His power is real. It moves me until I will not be still.

Anyways, I LOVE YOU!
Hope you all have a fantabulous week!
Sister Limas

Nancy Tomasino, one of my recent converts from Paris, took us out to dinner!

Exchanges :)

Sister Johnson: Aww, you look like "Sister Limas--the Missionary Explorer!"

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