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Monday, August 25, 2014

Surprised? YEAH, WELL ME TOO. I have never stayed in an area for only 1 transfer before! But before I go onto exciting transfer details, let me give you some weekly headers. I really hope what I say makes sense. I've been up since 2:30am sneezing my head off. I'm kinda drugged up on cold and allergy pills right now and am super drowsy. I am fighting so hard to stay awake if I don't make any sense, please forgive me :p

1. Patrick.
So Patrick has been incredible this week! We met with him on Tuesday and the first thing he says before walking to the park is, "I'm actually happy to see you today." I just said, "you mean you weren't excited to see us the two other times? [You love company. Don't deny it.]". He was like "nope!" and then starts randomly talking about tattoos and about the Word of Wisdom and how he doesn't want to give up his coffee, tea, or Moonshine. Oh, Patrick -____-" .

Anyway, we were teaching him the Restoration, and of course he goes off on tangents. But as we were explaining the Apostasy and comparing it to a puzzle, he all of a sudden says, "I'm the guy holding the puzzle box. I just want the whole picture". I was sitting there flabbergasted because that is probably the most genius thing he has ever said. So I explain that yeah, we want the big picture, we want all the truth. Then he says, "well, I believe that our church...I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I already consider myself I believe that OUR church has all the truth." I'm sitting there thinking, "is he for real right now? Did he just say he believes the church is true? We haven't even reached the Restoration part yet!" HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? He actually invited himself to be baptized. It was so crazy! He told us that he had been keeping our commitment of praying and that the past week, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He says, "I think that's God's way of telling me that He's there." OH MY GOODNESS. SAY WORD. Then he says, "that's why I was so excited to see you guys today. I wanted to tell you that my faith has grown. I don't know how it happened, and I know you knocked on my door looking for someone else. But I believe that I was supposed to learn this from you guys." I started tearing up. Heavenly Father is so mindful of His children. Meeting Patrick seemed like the most random thing in the world! But Heavenly Father doesn't make mistakes, and meeting Patrick has been a testimony to me that Heavenly Father prepares people, and that the Spirit leads us to where we need to be. And thus, WE SET A BAPTISM DATE WITH HIM!!!! WOOO!!!! We went over what is required of him to be baptized, and instead of going off on all the Word of Wisdom stuff he said earlier, he said "I guess I can drink herbal tea. But I don't even drink alcohol all the time, so I don't see why I can't keep that one."

YOU READY FOR THIS NEXT PART?! He comes to church and in Gospel Principles he yet again makes the most random comments, but they all related to the lesson and he kept relating it back to what we've taught him. I'm like are you serious, Patrick? You never sound like you're paying attention during our lessons, but then when you share what you learn in class, its FAAAAR more than what we taught you! After church we met at the park again to teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He shows up with a mason jar with Moonshine in it. He then says, "OK, I brought the last bit of Moonshine that is in my apartment. To show you how committed I am, I am getting rid of it." Then he pours it out in the parking lot then and there. Sister Tonnies and I just start hooting and we're like "yeah Patriiiick! Way to go!" I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT THIS KID IS DOING! We sit down and the first thing he asks about is the temple!!! Hahaha oh my goodness, this is too good. We told him we'd discuss it at a later lesson. We taught him about faith and repentance, and emphasized the covenants we make at baptism and the purpose of the Holy Ghost. At one point, Sister Tonnies asks him, "Patrick, why are you choosing to do this?" He starts listing off his reasons. Then he says, "the fact that I don't get any visitors is a bad reason. But I really do feel a lot happier since I've been coming from church and learning from you guys. Now I don't hesitate saying that God DOES exist and that He is real. I just know baptism is something I really need to do." OH MY LANTA, THE MIRACLES.

Patrick is getting baptized on September 20th. Please pray for him!!! He has the speech impediment, asthma, autism, muscular dystrophy, and arthritis. Please pray that he'll be strong enough to fight the adversary.

2. The Funeral.
Elder Flowers, one of the Elders I share my ward with, went home today. So this week during district meeting, Sister Tonnies and I planned to go all out for his mission "funeral". It was so stinking hilarious. There is a family in our ward who just looooves him, so they helped us set up decorations and they made us the biggest lunch ever! It was all too hilarious. We even had a musical number singing a funeral song bahaha. It was so perfect though. At the end of district meeting, Elder Flowers surprised us and had the member read out his "will". Sister Tonnies and I were like wait......we didn't plan this to happen. Elder Flowers gets up and starts giving out his possessions as gifts to members of the district and told us why he was giving it to us. I GOT A HATCHET. BAHAHAHAHAHA. He said it was a token of our friendship and that I can use it to kill zombies. BAHAHAHA. As much as I struggled with adjusting to having Elders in my ward, I am super grateful that Sister Tonnies and I have become good friends with Elder Flowers and Elder Bae.

3. Abide with Me.
I don't know what the heck is wrong with me, but I always wake up at the middle of night from dreams that make my anxiety go way bad. So I'm usually awake all night, attempting to get back to sleep, but not really being able to. This week it was extra bad. But I've finally found something that works! I was able to lull myself slowly back to sleep by humming Abide with Me in my head I just LOVE that hymn. It has become such a special one to me as I've been out serving. When I finally got up, I read over the lyrics:

Abide with me! fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens. Lord, with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me.

It is such a beautiful hymn. And the first verse describes EXACTLY how I feel when I wake up in the middle of the night. My only antidote to my anxiety is WORK. And so I push it to the max so that I don't have to deal with it. Its the mornings where I feel trapped because I can't get out of my bed to work while my companion is still asleep (OBV.) And every time I wake up, I am begging Heavenly Father to help me be ok as I try to rock myself back to sleep. There really is no other place to turn. When other helpers fail and comforts flee, the Lord really is the only One who doesn't leave you alone. We can turn to Him, even at our darkest hours (literally) and have hope for the sun to come out on the morrow.

4. Transfer Calls.
The phone call went like this:

Sis Scott: Ready for transfer doctrine?
Us: Yup!
Sis Scott: Sister Tonnies, you are staying and you will be senior comp. Your new companion is going to be Sister Craig.
Me: YESSS!!!!!! SISTER CRAIG IS MY BABY GIRL!!!!!! Hold up.......if you're getting a new comp, that means I'm getting transferred. WHAT?! How am I getting transferred? I just got here!
Sis Scott: Sister Limas, you ready for this?
Me: Errrr, yeah I guess.
Sis Scott: You're going to Fenton, MO to join Sister Webster. YOU'RE GOING STL!!!!

I just about pooped my pants. They just assigned me to be Sister Training Leader. OH MY LANTA I WAS CRYING INSIDE. I've been told from pretty early in the mission that I would probably be an STL. And over the past few months, I've been convincing myself why I shouldn't be put into leadership. And now it's come. And I'm freaking out like mad.

5. Broken.
Why am I freaking out like mad? Because I feel absolutely incapable to do this. I'm excited that I get the chance to serve the other Sister Missionaries in this mission and that I have this opportunity to learn and grown more right before I go home. But that doesn't take away from the reality that I am a weak vessel. For Pete's sake, I beg and plead every morning for help that I will be able to get it through the day physically, mentally, and emotionally. By Sunday afternoon, Sister Tonnies was trying to give me some words of comfort but I ended up in tears. But I want you all to know that this song brings me comfort:

I'm convinced that God loves broken me. My flesh may be weak; I may struggle physically, mentally, and emotionally. But my spirit is strong. All thanks to the Saviour. And it's through His sacrifice that any and every thing I struggle with can be mended. It's only through and by Him that my spirit can stay strong and can help me over come all those other things. Broken things become blessed things when we let God do the mending :)

So yeah, I feel super inadequate and weak to do this. But I know it's what the Lord wants me to do. And I'll always choose to do what He wants me to do. Its all just part of the purification process. Last week my email to President Morgan said:

Do I get a death wish?
I want to stay with Tonnies and die in Charleston. Or train before I go home.
But my true death wish would just be anything the Lord wants me to do with the last two transfers :) So I'll leave that to you haha.

His response: How was that for a death wish?

BAHAHA oh I love President Morgan. But I stand true to what I said. My true death wish would be just anything the Lord wants me to do. I will just trust in the promise that whom the Lord calls, He qualifies.

But on a more positive note, I'm SUPER excited just because I'm ready for the extra challenge. Everything I learned and have become over the 6 months period in Farmington was put to the test here in Charleston. Over the past week this popped into me head: "wow, we picked up work here so fast. I almost don't know what my purpose for this area is anymore. That makes me think I'm getting transferred. But naaaah, I always stay longer in an area. My new challenge will probably be all the students coming in for school." NOPE. The new challenge is to be a Sister Training Leader; to be an example to the Sisters in the mission and help them know they are loved by their leaders. Aaaaand to also get me out of my comfort zone of giving trainings to a huge group of missionaries (that scares the heck out of me!) Is change uncomfortable? Most definitely. But it's what helps us grow, so I guess I'm down :) Just pray for me because I'm sure going to need it haha.

6. Charity & Love
We closed this transfer by studying this one :) Here we go:

Charity is...

  • Seeing people as Christ sees them.
  • Realizing the Lord never gives up on us, nor ever will He, and therefore we never give up on others.
  • Realizing we are all born with the light of Christ.
  • The highest, noblest, strongest kind of love.
  • Wanting what is best for others.
  • The power by which we can change the world.
  • A gift Heavenly Father wants each of us to have.
  • How we find the courage to do what's right.
  • The reason we have second chances.
  • How we find the strength we didn't know we had.
  • Stronger than any base instinct of the natural man.
  • Why we can have a perfect brightness of hope.
  • How we can be the best that we can be.
  • Being willing to walk 500 miles, then walking 500 more.
  • Appreciating others' imperfections.
  • Trying to become like Jesus Christ.
  • To look at another person and see the face of God.
  • How Happily Ever Afters are possible.
  • A tale as old as time.
  • True and eternal love.
  • What makes the journey worth it.
  • The spark in your hear that allows the light of Christ to shine.

And my two favourites:

  • The reason we have hope to "just keep swimming".
  • The level of vulnerability the Lord expects us to give everyone.

I just love referring the Christ-like attributes back to Finding Nemo. When you think about Marlin the Clownfish, he is NOT the type of fish to go on the adventure he did. But why did he do it? Because he had hope to find his son that he loved so much. Love makes us go to lengths that we never knew we were capable of. When you look at the Savior's example through His sacrifice--that shows the ultimate act of love; going to lengths that are mind-blowing to man.

And there's that word "vulnerable" again. I still hate being vulnerable. But like I've explained in my email those many months ago about Relationships and Love, if we don't make ourselves vulnerable, how can we expect to love like Christ did? Elder Holland gave this fabulous talk called "How Do I Love Thee". I suggest y'all check it out because it's just that good :) He talks about what true love is in friendship, family, courtship, and marriage. Like Holland says, it's not about "when do I love thee nor where do I love thee nor why do I love thee nor why don’t you love me, but, rather, how. How do I demonstrate it, how do I reveal my true love for you?" Words of wisdom right there. Jesus Christ is the pure example of that true and eternal love. His reason to keep on keeping on was the hope He had in what we were becoming. And that's because He loves us.

I love how all the Christ-like attributes just intertwine with each other. It was getting harder to come up with definitions because we found we were starting to repeat some of them. But that's because they are all related. Sis Tonnies says, "The Lord doesn't ask us to do a bunch of little things. He only asks us to do one thing and tells us how to do it. That one thing is to become like Him". Christ makes it possible for us to have a magical happy ending. Transformation exists. But we have to choose to let Christ turn us into something glorious. To end, I really want to quote Elder Prescott, one of the most spiritual missionaries I have ever met! But I forgot my quotebook at home and I will probably butcher this. But in summary he said: "We are eternal beings. We are made of celestial things. The scriptures say to be celestial is to be unfathomable. We are unfathomable. Live up to that potential."

Yea...totally butchered that one.

But you get the gist of what I'm saying right? Each and every one of us have the potential to become like our Father in Heaven. That is something unfathomable! But it is so possible because of our Saviour. We need to live up to that. Neglect not the gift that is in thee ;) And so when times get rough, keep the faith. Remember who you are striving to become. Then, like the early Saints, we too can say that we "came through with the absolute knowledge that God lives for we became acquainted with Him in our extremities." It's in the liberty jail-like moments of our lives when God can make our weak things become strong; where He can grant us to feel of His grace and mercy.

ANYWAY, sorry that was long. I need a nap already.
Hope you all have a great week!
Sister Limas

Sand volleyball with my district: Harrington, McEvoy, Bae, Flowers, Edgel, Barrett, me and Tonnies

My stellar district!

Elder Flowers' funeral bahaha!

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