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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First of all, SORRY if I sounded over-dramatic on my email last Monday. But, I HAD EVERY RIGHT TO BE!!! After emailing, it was more and more evident that I was not suffering from allergies. By the time Tuesday morning came, I could hardly move. I'm grateful I have companions who scold at me to get back into bed when I'm being stubborn about getting up to stick to routine. I was in bed allllllll Tuesday morning. I don't know if it was a 24-hr flu, or dehydration, or just the fact that all the sleepless nights have finally caught up to me....but I was down. And of course Im lying there realizing every single horror thought of being inadequate to be an STL all of a sudden became a reality!!! Ha, I was groaning in pain and was like, "see, this is why I can't be STL! I am so sick right now! And I'm clearly not sticking to rules cuz I'm in bed! And now I'm not going to get to bed in time because I still have to pack! And I haven't cleaned the apartment. And I haven't cleaned the car. And I have to be at that leadership meeting by 9:30 which means we have to start driving by 6:30am......" and yadda-yadda-yadda. Stupid satan. Ou, he knows how to get on my nerves!

BUT, when I got up at 4:30am on Wednesday morning, I got on my knees and prayed for the strength and energy I needed (which isn't new because that is a day-to-day basis plead for me), and VOILA, I was up and running and ready to roll. I don't even know how I functioned that whole day, but I did. When it comes to the enabling power of the Atonement, my MIND=BLOWN, EVERY . SINGLE . TIME ! I was awake the whole 3hr drive to St Louis and I was still able to somehow talk during the appointments we had in Fenton that evening. So crazy.

Transfer meeting was amazing. But what else is new :) The leadership meeting totally got to me though. I was sitting there and there were the few of us Sisters in the front and this massive amount of Elders behind us, and I could just feel me turtling into a shell! President assured us that "none of you would be in here if I didn't trust you." Thanks, President. 

I felt like I was roaming around aimlessly before transfer meeting though. I felt slightly empty at the fact that a huge chunk of my mission friends were now at home and I didn't have anyone to jump at. But off in the distance I saw Sis Bassett (from Farmington) and I just about flipped! She had driven Sis Craig to transfer meeting, and my little firecracker, Khloe, was with her. OH MY HEART! I was so happy! Khloe just loooooves "missio-marries", so she like dragged me around so I could introduce her to everyone I knew. Then I realized, uhm, Sister Limas, you still have tons of friends here in the mission, so calm yo'self. 

I am SO SO SO GRATEFUL Sister Webster is my companion and the one training me to be an STL. She is one of my favourites, and I'm so glad that out of all people who were to ease me into this, its her. If I could describe her in one word, it would be GRACE. Every person we talk to, she has no hesitation to tell them that she loves them. She speaks of the gospel so simply and so gracefully. Its AWESOME. She has 5 weeks left before going home and I'm bound and determined to make this the best last transfer of her liiiiiiiiife!!!! :D 

This is the first time I haven't white-washed into an area during my mission, so there are some things I'm getting used to. But at the same time, its so great to just get thrown into the work and just ask who we're working with and there's already a list. 

When we got to the apartment after transfers though, Sister Webster starts saying, "So we have MLC on Friday, and then a pow wow with the APs on the 13th. We also need to find out if we're going to DLZLT before ZLT, and IF we're still even having a ZLT".

My reaction: Wait, waaaaaaht? Help me understand mission leadership lingo, please!


I already knew that was coming, but it still freaked me out. I've been trying to calm myself down by saying its just like the Institute of Religion Council....except with missionaries. Right?

The Sisters? THEY ARE GREAT! We cover 5 sets of sisters, and I know 3 of them, so I'm super super excited to be working with them all and doing exchanges. However, I realized that counseling sisters is a whole new ball park!!!! At first I was like, "yeah I can do this. It's like giving advice to friends back home, right?" OOOOK, by the first few days we already had so many calls about concerns sisters had and I was in such shell-shock I had no idea what to say and Sister Webster had to take the phone from me so she could council. I was like "OH MY HECK, I CANT DO THIS! Sister Webster, you need to teach me all this stuff before you go home!!!" Yeah, did I mention that I only have my companion for 5 weeks? So I need to pick up my game! She's been so great and helping me learn all of this stuff though.

MLC (Mission Leaders Council) was BOMB. I was super nervous, but it all worked out. I was sitting there in amazement. I didn't realize how much work my Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders put into making us other missionaries happy and well taken care of. I always thought the activities we did and the trainings we were given were things President had suggested. NOPE. We each plan what we do with those we have stewardship under, and then we're held accountable for following through with it. I have always been grateful for my leaders, but my respect for them just grew by a ton. My previous zone leaders, Elder Christensen, Elder Smith, Elder Brown, and Elder Jones were all at this meeting and I was just so flabbergasted by everything I was learning about what all the ZLs and STLs do that my respect for them as individual people grew by a ton too.

So yeah. Now I'm learning all that jazz. I know dealing with these sisters is going to be like dealing with my investigators and that I need the Spirit to completely guide it. And my concerns and personal problems? They are NOTHING compared to what these other sisters have to go through. NOTHING. My problems are like a little blip on the eternal scheme. Compared to what I have to help these sisters out with, I've been absolutely spoiled on my mission. And now its my turn to help them out. I didn't have the confidence to say that until I read President Morgan's reply to me this morning. He said, "you will do great as an STL. Your example will help other sisters progress and yes, you are qualified". Soooooo if that's what President believes, and more importantly, if that's what the Lord expects me to do for these Sisters, then I WILL get 'er done.

Missionary work updates!

We were driving around a trailer park because we had an appointment with Debbie Gray. But we had a little time before her lesson, so we decided to go tracting. We didn't know where, but we got to this street and Sister Webster asked if I wanted to tract it. At first I was like, "uhmmm, i don't know." But as we were driving away, the Spirit was like eating at me and i'm like "no no go back." We found a couple of potentials, and then had to come back the next day to keep tracting. AND WE FOUND SOMEONE! Her name is Starla and she has been so prepared. The moment Sister Webster said, "Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ" she said she got goosebumps! And her little 2 yr old son!!! Oh I just love him! Starla kept saying, "where's grandma?" and he usually responds "heaven". But this time he refused! And she kept asking him why. And he said, "she's not in heaven! She's in school." My heart stopped. It amazes me how close to the veil little kids are. I have been calling the spirit world, "spirit school" since the beginning of my mission. He's right. She's in spirit school.

AAAAAND WE HAVE A BAPTISM DATE FOR DEBBIE GRAY! Oh my heart! She is just the cutest woman ever! Her son in a convert who is trying to become active again. We invited her to be baptized on the 27th, and at first we thought she was going to be so overwhelmed, but she said she was super excited! EEEEK! Pray for her! And Julian, her son, will probably be able to baptize her!!!! YAY! Oh my heart :)

Anyway, that's all for now. 

Oh. There are at least 2 people here with the name "Ariana". And my ward has a ton of young married couples. I'm pretty sure this is Heavenly Father's way of reminding me I'm going home soon. HA. But I love the young couples. They are so fun!! 


That was the craziness of my week. I'm still recovering from being sick. But thanks to the Atonement I'm still alive and functioning :)

OH, did I mention there was a tornado last night? OH MY LANTA, it was crazy!

Yeah, too many things have happened this week. I am all over the place at telling you about it. Sorry! :p

See you in 11 weeks ;)
Sister Limas

One of my favourite families from Paries came to Charleston see me before getting transferred :)
Oh how I've missed them!!! The Farris/Bender/Randolph family!

Me and the kiddos! They have grown up so much!!

My posterity! My babygirl Sister Fernandez and my grandbaby Sister Uta'i :)

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