"This is the Lord's work. Let Him do some of it."

Monday, October 27, 2014

That is a quote from Elder Dallin H. Oaks; and is a quote that I have tried to live from the beginning of my mission. I share it with you now because of the crazy experiences we've had this week! You ready?

#1. "Yeah, you're really hot."
Literally. I got sick this week; and for the first time on my mission--a fever--ALL DURING EXCHANGES. Oh my lanta. It was like a nightmare coming true. Remember my rant of worries of becoming an STL and not being able to do it because of how often I get sick due to fatigue? Yea...OK. It just happened. I was with Sister Koffard in Crystal City when it all started, and when I went on exchanges with Sister Gunter it got a ton worse. Longest 30 minutes of tracting of my life! Haha. But as bad as the sickness was, I just had an absolute blast. I got to bond with my grand-baby, Sister Gunter :D How I was able to function and teach and talk? No clue. That was definitely not my own strength. I bare solid witness of the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Time after time, despite my physical weaknesses, I've been able to teach, testify, and work. Jacob 4:7 describes exactly what I'm trying to say: 
"Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by his grace and his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things." 
This has been SO TRUE for me countless amount of times on my mission and I am extremely grateful for that knowledge. Every time I let out a breath of frustration of my physical, emotional, and mental weaknesses, Heavenly Father always kindly reminds me its so that I have that constant renewed witness that the enabling power of the Atonement is real. So yeah, I was hot. But the Spirit of God is a fire burning! This is His work.

#2. "It's my job to chase you away."
What the freak lady! Right after the ex-communicated anti-Mormons, that lady tenant was probably the meanest anyone has ever been to me my whole mission ( & its been a blessing to not have so many:)) We were just dropping off an invitation and note to a couple of our potential investigators living in the same complex and she cornered us and totally chewed us out for "soliciting". Gah. Whatever, lady. God loves you too. Anyway, that happened on Saturday...which was one of the most discouraging days ever existent! least that's what satan tried to make it be. We were receiving one bad news after another! One of our investigators texted us in the morning telling us her parents didn't think she was ready for baptism; another one of our investigators said that he no longer wants to meet with us because the Father of his mom's Episcopalian church invited him to come back to their church; another investigator texted and said she knew the church was true but was having an over-whelming feeling to back off; a potential hung up on us when we told him we were outside for our appointment; another investigator cancelled on us and the Priesthood holders we brought after we showed up; and when we went to reschedule with one of our investigators we caught her in the middle of a moment with her boyfriend....oh gross. That pretty much threw everything out the door. It made me so sick to my stomach. BUT despite all this that satan was trying to discourage us with, it didn't weigh so heavily. The Lord lifts burdens. All the GOOD that happened that day wins a ton more points than any bad can. This is His work.

#3. Be bold with the Lord.
So it's Saturday night and we are planning for Sunday. We get to # of new investigators and I kept my mouth shut. I had a feeling that 3 would be a great goal. But I let my natural woman doubt and rethink it over because of how slim finding has been for us lately. Sister Huppi interrupts my thoughts and says, "1? 2? 3? 2?". I jump in and say, "3. I don't know how or why, but we are going to find 3 new investigators tomorrow". Sunday approaches and I feel slightly jittery for what the day was going to bring. But beginning at 6:30am, we prayed to the Lord with bold faith, pleading that we would find 3 new investigators. 

Right after church we decided to go across the street to Trish Hubbard, a lady we had street contacted the week before. We ended up sitting on the sidewalk with her and as we talked she started to open up and cry. We introduced her to the Plan of Salvation. Her kids joined us on the sidewalk and asked a ton of questions. It was so great!!! Trish agreed to meet up with us to give her a church tour and teach her more! There goes miracle numero uno! :) 

Next we drove over to Patricia's. She didn't come to church and her phone was disconnected...which made us super worried. We get to her place and her boyfriend, Steven, is standing outside. YEEEEEEEUS!!! He is never home and we've been wanting to start teaching him for quite some time. We told him we wanted him to come join us. We all talked on the porch and got to know each other, and then the inspired questions started coming. We are teaching them as a couple (FINALLY) next week. There goes miracle numero dos!! :) 

We had a couple of appointments right after, but every single prayer we said was in thanks for finding two and still continuous pleading that we would find one more. Being busy as we are as STLs, we almost never get our full 3 hrs of weekly planning done in one sitting. It was 7:30pm and we were ready to go home to make some goals for the upcoming week. But we decided to do one last stop. Charles was a media referral that we've been trying to contact over the last couple of weeks, but we just haven't been able to catch him. We've met his roommate multiple times, who was less than happy to see us keep appearing. But I was like "let's just drop this Book of Mormon off for Charles, then we'll head home." Well, guess what. Charles came to the door and BOY, DID OUR FACES SHOW OUR GLADNESS. He is quite the happy guy. We stood on his porch talking and he says, "I want to know why you guys do what you do. No one leaves everything behind to go out and talk to strangers. And you're all so happy! I see the Elders on the street a lot. And I drive by the temple everyday. It always reminds me of you missionaries and I just want to know what is the driving force behind all of it." We bore testimony of the blessings of the Gospel. We taught him about the Book of Mormon. He is super stoked to meet with us. CHYEAHHHH. There goes miracle numero tres!!! :) 

AH! THE LORD IS SO WONDERFUL. Sunday's experience definitely strengthened my testimony of the Lord's power in this work and the importance of following the Spirit, despite how small of a whisper the direction is. It was a great reminder to me for a bunch of other things I've been pondering about [I shouldn't turn away the small whisper. I shouldn't let worries overcome that calm peaceful feeling.] THIS IS HIS WORK, GUYS!

"THIS IS THE LORD'S WORK. LET HIM DO SOME OF IT." If anything, this week has been a huge testimony to me of the truth of that statement. All I do is work. None of these miracles happen because of what I do. None of these people are converted because of what I say. It's all the Spirit. The Lord works the miracles even before we get to them. All we do is be obedient and follow. NBD. 

Oh and I just want to add this because it brought me great excitement this week...JACOB CHAPTER 5, GUYS! Oh my laaaaaanta! Let me just share what I wrote in my journal that night because my MIND was definitely =BLOWN!

"First of all...I had an AMAZING study this morning! I just remember feeling slightly discouraged this morning because of...well--you know. I studied first and my prayer was quite long. i just wanted Heavenly Father to know what my desires were and that I really did want my will aligned with His. I open up my BoM and of course I'm on Jacob 5...longest chapter ever. At first I was like 'aw man, what am i going to get out of it this time.' Normally I think way to hard about the allegory. It hurts my brain. I learn about the gathering of Israel and about covenants, but I still try so hard to understand everything about this chapter. It almost becomes a chore. But for ONCE in my life, the Allegory of the Olive Tree applied to me and my situation! Boy, was I edified! It was pretty much about the 'Creative Process' (refer to Elder Hales' talk 'Every Good Gift'); goals; conversion; the Atonement; decisions; refinement; agency; holding on just a little longer; patience; staying anxiously engaged; beware of self-righteousness...oh it was AWESOME! I didn't get any detailed answers, but I felt like i got instruction as to how I need to deal with things, especially when I get home. And of course as I'm sharing and explaining my thoughts to Sister Huppi, I heard more stuff of what I needed to hear (the Spirit is so great!)."

​Seriously, guys. Jacob chapter 5. It is the bomb. I wish you could see my Book of Mormon. It is craaaaazy filled with notes. Anyway....sorry, that was like super exciting for me. Who knew I could get so much personal stuff out of that allegory?!?! 

I hope you all have a fan-tab week!
See you in 3 ;D

I've been neglecting my "home-prep" real bad, its stressing me out. There's so much good work happening I don't have time to think about home (which is FANTASTIC!) But that puts my temple-trip and highlight entry and everything else on pause....which isn't good. I'm pretty sure I'm stressing the APs out for not getting on it for the temple because they still have to find someone to go with me. Ayaaa. Just pray I get this stuff done.

Oh, and President sent me this this morning in response to me asking for permission to apply to school: "Yes you may apply for school. What if I don't let you go home because you are doing such a good job here. You know I couldn't stop you, but know also that we will miss you a lot."

Dang it. Now I am in tears. I feel like he just finalized my death sentence. GAAAAH. I still have 3 weeks of good stuff to do. The killin' ain't happening yet!!!

Sister Limas

Fake St Louis Cake!
Me and my grand-baby, Sister Gunter, after exchanges :)

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