Thursday, December 18, 2014

He is the Gift.
Discover the Gift.
Embrace the Gift.
Share the Gift.

Isn't that video amazing? Last year I had the blessed opportunity to be sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Glen Carbon, Illinois. What a wonderful time of the year it is to be spreading the good news about the life of our Saviour!

What do I think about Jesus Christ?
I know that He lives! I know that His love is real. Around this time last year I had hit rock bottom on my mission. I fell into a depression that I felt I was not going to be able to get out of. But sometimes God lets us hit rock bottom so that we will discover He is the rock at the bottom. Words cannot describe how sacred that time between the Lord and I was. When you feel like you have nothing left and nothing to hold on to, He is there to lift you up. How grateful I am for our Heavenly Father's gift to us of His Only Begotten Son, who would perform the greatest gift for all mankind: the Atonement. I testify of the healing power that comes from the Atonement. I know that when I exercise faith in Jesus Christ and trust in His promises, He leads me to and through precious moments of growth and love.

What am I doing because of it? 
Well, even though I am no longer a full-time missionary, I am a life-long member missionary!
Sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ is something I can do all day, every day.
Thankfully, God has give us talents to share it in so many different ways!

1. Pass-a-long cards! The holiday season also means breaks from school, which is the perfect time to catch up with old friends. Catching up in the big 'ol city of Toronto usually means grabbing a bite to eat. I have been taking these with me to leave behind at restaurants as a thank you note to go with my tips :)

2. Sharing my studies! I have been trying my best to keep up with my missionary studying habits. I developed a deeper love for the scriptures throughout my mission, along with a more intimate sense of the personal revelation that comes with sincere and diligent study. I introduce to you a typical Sister Limas-type study ;) I don't normally take pictures of my study journal, but I thought it would be a great opportunity to post them up with my study questions to get people probing. 

Bonus: When I pray to open or close my studies, I usually pray for an opportunity to share what I have learned that day. It's one thing to pray for missionary opportunities; it's another thing to pray for the preparation behind those opportunities. I have been super blessed to have been able to share the gospel with 4 friends in the past couple days. I know that Heavenly Father has been giving me (and trusting me with) these opportunities because I am giving Him my time to be prepared to do His work. 

3. Giving S.A.S.S ;) Along with this Christmas initiative comes the chance to share how we will make a difference this Christmas season. I decided that I will #ShareTheGift by giving S.A.S.S. (Secret Acts of Selfless Service)!! I am so excited for this project to go underway! I've been planning ideas in my notebook and have been praying about people who are in need at this time. I would show you what I've come up with.....but then it wouldn't be a secret now, would it? ;)

Now it's your turn. How will you #ShareTheGift?

Ariana Rae Limas

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