2015 ABCs

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank you 2015 for an incredible year!

A: Autumn (my best friend) & Ben's wedding! #bridesmaid

B: Body building - Hubs has been teaching me how to lift and I am already seeing improvements!

C: Christmas - with two families!

D: Dating Alex :)

E: ENGAGED! Just 3 months later :0

F: Fireside Coordinator for the Toronto Stake Presidency. Definitely one of my favourite callings!

G: Guelph! Moving out of the big city has been quite the change.

H: Honeymoon in Mexico!

I: Illness struggles; mental and physical. But hey, that is where strengthened faith comes in :)

J: June baby - Celebrating Alex's birthday with him for the first time.
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K: Korean Grill - First date with Alex.

L: Licensed to drive! Err...well G1. But it's something!

M: MARRIAGE! Can you believe dating, engagement, and marriage happened within a year? No? Yeah, neither can I. But it is fantabulous!
[ photo by Simply Emily ]

N: November baby - Celebrating my birthday with Alex for the first time.

O: Ocean - as in swimming in the ocean and learning how to snorkel. Kinda.

P: Pita Pit - #hitthefit #grilllife - Love my job!

Q: Quebec Montreal YSA Conference. Such a fun road trip!

R: Rogers TV! So grateful for the opportunity I had to share my mission experiences and testimony on local television.

S: Sara (my best friend) & Nathan's wedding! #bridesmaid

T: Teaching ESL to students in Colombia.

U: University. Alex's first year! :)

V: Visiting Teaching experiences.

W: Wedding upon wedding upon wedding! Congratulations to all my friends!

X: X-missionary life (aka returned missionary life). Tons of happiness and tons of struggles and just trying to figure everything out.

Y: Young Women's leader. I got my dream calling and I love my girls!

Z: Zany family. As in my crazy familia. It has been a blast catching up with them after a year and a half.

2016, I'm ready for ya!

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  1. Just a highschool friend. Wow... congrats on the marriage. For some reason I felt like googling you and this page showed up. Good to know you have progressed so much arii ;) You seem really happy :) God bless.


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