2016 Year in Review!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Oh, 2016 ♡ I've enjoyed you mucho.

A few months before the end of last year Alex and I had started our life together in Guelph. I was still struggling with the fact I wasn't in school, had no where to go for fun, couldn't go anywhere by myself (because the buses here are 👎👎👎), and didn't have any friends. I started making my new year goals early because...well because I needed to - I needed to figure out my purpose is this "area" (just like the mission just gotta jump in there, make new goals, and press forward!). So I made my motto for this year+ to "BLOOM WHERE I'M PLANTED."

And that is exactly what this year has brought 💮 
I feel so very blessed for every opportunity that has come my way.
Down below is my annual year smashed into ABCs.

A: Anniversary:
We celebrated our first year anniversary with a night at the Norfolk Guest House and a dinner cruise on Empire Sandy.

B: Bogotá, Colombia:
I got to teach English at a private university, as well as see some of my students at the Springfield Language Centre whom I've been teaching online for the past year.

C: Chicago, IL:
Chaperoned 4 girls from Toronto to the Chicago Sister Cities' Global Youth Ambassador Leadership Summit + be the photographer for the week.

D: Driving:
Got my G2 on my first try!

E: Estrella Isabelle Parada was born! ♡

F: Filipino Student Association:
I am on the exec team as the Media Coordinator. I loooove the friends we have made so far just by being a part of the group!

G: university of Guelph:
I am finally back in school after 4 years to finish my degree, but going to a different school to do it.

H: Hiking up mountains:
Both in Colombia and in Utah!

I: Interviewed for our love story 3 times:
Our love story was published on Mormon Newsroom Canada, Deseret News, and

J: Jake & Holly's wedding!

K: Keyboard:
Got one for Christmas! I can finally start playing again and achieve the 2017 goal I have set.

L: Lacey Rose has a baby on the way! ♡
Hooooray another baby we get to spoil!

M: Maive Indianna Burton was born! ♡

N: Nauvoo, IL: 
I got to go as a chaperone for the Kitchener Stake's youth trip + be the photographer for the week.

O: Opportunities:
I have had an endless amount of opportunities this year from being asked to travel places to being able to talk to other business owners about collabs at the Etsy/craft shows I help my mother in law at. I've been soaking up every single one.

P: Photography:
We have had so much success this year as our start up year! Thank you to everyone who has been a huge support!

Q: Queens St:
I took my youngest sisters (on both the Limas and del Mundo side) out for birthday and toured them around downtown TO. It was Kira's first time on the TTC!

R: Rock Climbing (indoors):
First time trying it for Arielle's 13th birthday.

S: Seour del Mundo: 
Kira left for the France Lyon Mission!

T: TeamArilex:
We already make a great team, but Alex took it to the next level and learned how to use a DSLR so he could be my second shooter at photoshoots.

U: Utah: 
I got to attend my mission presidents' homecoming and see most of my mission companions/friends! Ah, my heart ♡

V: 'venturin':
PhotogLife has lead us to venture into some pretty awesome places and situations! We keep exploring!

W: Wilcox:
I met Brad Wilcox!!!!!!

X: eXam:
It's been the first time in forever since I've taken exams. I only had to do them for 1 class this year and I was dying. Don't know how I did it 4 years ago with 5 exams. Passed everything though!

Z: aquaxZONE:
While in Utah we drove down to Heber City to try out this trampoline place on the water. It was frickin' hilariously fun.

2017, I'm soooooo ready for you!

Wishing everyone a prosperous new year of new beginnings, happiness, healing, exploration, love, friendship, and most importantly learning and growth ♡

Mucho Love, Ariana

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