Bugalugs | 2017 Capsule #1

Monday, January 16, 2017

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to collab with Donna of Bugalugs. Donna hand makes all the clothing from fabrics imported from Europe. If you're looking for unique clothes and accessories for your little one, head on over to and place your order now! & if you love them that much, you can order hats and headbands in an adults size as well :) (I bought the slouchy toque!) She will be turning over the print styles every two months, so get your favourites while you can. Stay tuned throughout the year to see all the other prints available. 

Go show her some love!

Facebook: Bugalugs
Instagram: @bugalugshandmade

And these because my niece is super cute even when she's crying.

2016 Year in Review!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Oh, 2016 ♡ I've enjoyed you mucho.

A few months before the end of last year Alex and I had started our life together in Guelph. I was still struggling with the fact I wasn't in school, had no where to go for fun, couldn't go anywhere by myself (because the buses here are 👎👎👎), and didn't have any friends. I started making my new year goals early because...well because I needed to - I needed to figure out my purpose is this "area" (just like the mission just gotta jump in there, make new goals, and press forward!). So I made my motto for this year+ to "BLOOM WHERE I'M PLANTED."

And that is exactly what this year has brought 💮 
I feel so very blessed for every opportunity that has come my way.
Down below is my annual year smashed into ABCs.

A: Anniversary:
We celebrated our first year anniversary with a night at the Norfolk Guest House and a dinner cruise on Empire Sandy.

B: Bogotá, Colombia:
I got to teach English at a private university, as well as see some of my students at the Springfield Language Centre whom I've been teaching online for the past year.

C: Chicago, IL:
Chaperoned 4 girls from Toronto to the Chicago Sister Cities' Global Youth Ambassador Leadership Summit + be the photographer for the week.

D: Driving:
Got my G2 on my first try!

E: Estrella Isabelle Parada was born! ♡

F: Filipino Student Association:
I am on the exec team as the Media Coordinator. I loooove the friends we have made so far just by being a part of the group!

G: university of Guelph:
I am finally back in school after 4 years to finish my degree, but going to a different school to do it.

H: Hiking up mountains:
Both in Colombia and in Utah!

I: Interviewed for our love story 3 times:
Our love story was published on Mormon Newsroom Canada, Deseret News, and

J: Jake & Holly's wedding!

K: Keyboard:
Got one for Christmas! I can finally start playing again and achieve the 2017 goal I have set.

L: Lacey Rose has a baby on the way! ♡
Hooooray another baby we get to spoil!

M: Maive Indianna Burton was born! ♡

N: Nauvoo, IL: 
I got to go as a chaperone for the Kitchener Stake's youth trip + be the photographer for the week.

O: Opportunities:
I have had an endless amount of opportunities this year from being asked to travel places to being able to talk to other business owners about collabs at the Etsy/craft shows I help my mother in law at. I've been soaking up every single one.

P: Photography:
We have had so much success this year as our start up year! Thank you to everyone who has been a huge support!

Q: Queens St:
I took my youngest sisters (on both the Limas and del Mundo side) out for birthday and toured them around downtown TO. It was Kira's first time on the TTC!

R: Rock Climbing (indoors):
First time trying it for Arielle's 13th birthday.

S: Seour del Mundo: 
Kira left for the France Lyon Mission!

T: TeamArilex:
We already make a great team, but Alex took it to the next level and learned how to use a DSLR so he could be my second shooter at photoshoots.

U: Utah: 
I got to attend my mission presidents' homecoming and see most of my mission companions/friends! Ah, my heart ♡

V: 'venturin':
PhotogLife has lead us to venture into some pretty awesome places and situations! We keep exploring!

W: Wilcox:
I met Brad Wilcox!!!!!!

X: eXam:
It's been the first time in forever since I've taken exams. I only had to do them for 1 class this year and I was dying. Don't know how I did it 4 years ago with 5 exams. Passed everything though!

Z: aquaxZONE:
While in Utah we drove down to Heber City to try out this trampoline place on the water. It was frickin' hilariously fun.

2017, I'm soooooo ready for you!

Wishing everyone a prosperous new year of new beginnings, happiness, healing, exploration, love, friendship, and most importantly learning and growth ♡

Mucho Love, Ariana


Sunday, August 14, 2016

[2016 Goal 6/12 • Life Goal #360]: Be a House Leader at YLC.

I feel so super blessed I was able to attend YLC this year! Miguel Martinez's workshop had a huge impact on me. He said that before he came to the conference he felt prompted to scrap what he already had and instead "bring to a remembrance how much [the youth] miss their Heavenly Father." At the end of his workshop he played a clip of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Come Thou Fount from last General Conference. As we listened he posted 4 photos and told us to choose one we resonated most with. I chose the one below. The reason I chose this photo was because this was similar to how I imagined myself when my missionary service was coming to a close.

I had told one of my companions I felt like we were like warrior princesses - warriors because we go out everyday with a purpose, exhausted from the constant search for people to serve and teach, the constant battle with satan, and the constant battle of fighting my own weaknesses and inadequacies; princesses because even though it's tiring, we know we are Daughters of God, we love and search and serve and teach because we know that everyone is a Son or Daughter of Heavenly Father too.

A couple weeks before I left the mission field, I got on my knees thinking about why I was on a mission. As I went through every good reason I originally had I began to realize those things didn't matter to me anymore. The only reason that was left had grown tremendously throughout my 18 months: I was there because I loved my Saviour. Even though I was going home, I was more excited for the day that I could return to my heavenly home and be embraced in the arms of my Saviour.

I made a few promises to my Heavenly Father before going home, one being a couple lines from the hymn Come Thou Fount:
Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it
Bind my wandering heart to Thee

I did not want to forget how much I loved my Father, my Saviour, and the Spirit. I did not want to waver. I did not want to forget that special spirit I feel when I serve.

But one of the hardest parts about coming home from a mission is no longer feeling the Spirit you did as a missionary. I've tried and tried to feel the same Spirit in my life, but I don't. It's different. It has taken me a while to accept that hard reality, but I've accepted it. I've also learned it's not a reason to give up on living the gospel - it's a means for me to try harder. And sometimes it's tiring. However I'm grateful for the times I get to catch a tiny glimpse of that Spirit. I catch a glimpse of it when I talk about my mission experiences. I catch a glimpse of it when I am with my Young Women. I catch a glimpse of it when I am with my visiting teaching companions. I caught a glimpse of it when my husband and I were sealed. I catch a glimpse of it every time I unexpectedly share my testimony with someone.

Going back to Miguel's workshop, after having that mission flashback, I could not stop myself from crying. For the first time in almost 2 years, I have felt almost the same Spirit I did when I served as a missionary. It was a HUGE tender mercy for me because I have accepted I probably would never feel it the same way again. But here it was. It reminded me how much Heavenly Father really does know me and knows that part of my heart that has been yearning so silently.

It really set the tone for the rest of YLC. It blew my mind how many times I felt it, how many times the words speakers said were already literally written in my mission journals. They were great reminders to me of why I press forward.

The youth are so, so special. They have such a special spirit when they are gathered together like this. I loved being a youth and am grateful for all the leaders I had that helped me be who I am today. It was my final year at YLC(2010) as a youth when I finally knew I had to serve a mission. I know that these programs are inspired by God who loves us all too much to not give us opportunities to gather in strength and numbers like this.

Thank you, Miguel, for acting in faith and following a prompting. Your decision made a huge impact on many and I will be forever grateful for that.

Mucho Lovin', folks. Keep on keepin' on.
- Ariana del Mundo

Baby Burton Gender Reveal Party!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

We spent Saturday with my sister in law, Justine, and her husband, Jonathan, in preparation for their gender reveal party!

I seriously love my new lens and the fact that I can capture a full room!

They had cupcakes made with the gender revealed inside.
These were the raspberry flavoured ones. My favourite was the cookies and cream! NOM!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

When all your friends are pregnant too. LOL.

Congratulations to the Burtons and their baby girl!
Super excited for my future niece!

Mucho lovin',
Ariana del Mundo

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